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The Try it Out Solo Ad - ONLY $7.75

Your ad sent out to 20,000+ ezine subscribers three times!

or send $7.75 payment to through PayPal 

*** Just an FYI... 
DOE members discount does NOT apply on advertising specials. These are already deeply discounted offerings. 🙂


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cinco de mayo

For Today ONLY... (May 05, 2018)... Cinco De Mayo Solo Ad - ONLY $5!

Solo Ads are ONLY $5 in celebration of Cinco De Mayo!  Regular $25!  Get YOURS before they are GONE!

Your ad will be sent out to our 20,000+ subscribers within 48 hours (depending on mailer speed).  We will contact you with your run date asap :).

Sorry... Sale is over.  But you will still find great deals on Ezine Advertising at The Ezine Ad Store!  Just Click Here Now!


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