Nya Marquez “Crush” Album / “Still Standing” Tour

Your support will help launch the Nya Marquez "Crush" Album / "Still Standing" Tour's album "Crush" with Brand merchandise and kickoff my "Still Standing" Bully Awareness Tour! Thank you! 

"My album is produced and ready to be released.  This campaign  will allow me to cover my full album release, marketing campaign, launch my Brand merchandise and startup to my "Still Standing" Tour!

It would mean the world to me to have you as a supporter of my music, my professional career and my movement in creating Bully Awareness!  Bullying is a leader in teen gun violence!  Bulling is a leader in kids to teen suicide!  I do appreciate all the Love and Support from each and everyone of you!  Together we can make a difference and save lives! "  -- Nya Marquez

Nya Marquez

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