My Review

My Review


On April 03, 2019, as I was doing trading in the Crypto markets (and doing quite well tbh)… Coinbase abruptly (and with no explanation) locked me out of my account.  I was right in the middle of a trade when I was kicked out of the site.  I tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to contact someone at support to find out what had happened.

All that I got back, after numerous attempts to communicate – both by phone and by submitting support tickets, was a form letter from someone named Anya… who informed me that they suspected that the trading was being done fraudulently and I needed to send her proof of transactions and documentation of where the funds came from that we were utilizing to trade with. 

All of that documentation was sent to her – in April 2019.  Since then, I have heard nothing other than the automated emails that are sent after ticket submission; I have called repeatedly – only to be told that ‘it is being looked at’ and ‘there is nothing we [customer service] can do, that it has been sent to a specialist within the company for review.   Daily, I send in tickets… with no results.  It’s almost like they took the crypto and ran.

I submitted a complaint with the BBB in California (which is where one of their offices is located – San Jose) but got a response that the ‘company is unreachable’.  Huh?  Since then, I have submitted complaints with the FTC, Attorneys General in CA, WI, IL and now the US Attorney General.  (although I have not heard back from any of them as of today 🙁 ).

This is a warning.  Do NOT do business with Coinbase!  If you already do, then PLEASE… GET YOUR CRYPTO OUT!  They are nothing but thieves! 

Here is the exchange I now recommend!  Binance 

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