Like CryptoCurrency? You’ll LOVE this!

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If You Like CryptoCurrency... You'll LOVE this!

Trading Bot Cryptocurrency Project

Come and be part of the Pre-Pledge launch of the Trading Bot and kula International's TGE - Token Generating Event!

When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies you cannot use a FOREX system. The few cryptocurrency trading bots available to date are just overpriced FOREX bots (some as high as $3200 + a percentage AND a monthly fee) that have been modified to do cryptocurrencies. Imagine a jet plane taking on an obstacle course designed for ultralights, it is way over powered and can’t make the turns, great for speed but useless for delicate tight maneuvers.


We have two of the world’s finest minds with decades of experience not only in the exchange markets but with the connections and the know how to program and design a fully automated bot specifically for the cryptocurrency market. Multiple information streams all collate to feed the artificial intelligence with pertinent data allowing it to perform complex analysis across multiple data sources, providing a much more sophisticated view of the trading landscape.


Not only will it be affordable, but as a kulaBrands™ member you will earn royalties from it, get FREE kula tokens and the best part… FREE TRAINING AND SUPPORT! A clear way to enter the cryptocurrency market with a diversified approach to hedge risk and maximize profitability.



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