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Issue Date: October 22, 2020 ~ Volume 19 Issue 41 ~


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    Website Advertising For Residual Income
    By Fidel Prida

    Creative website advertising is a very appropriate way to proclaim the value of a good online business opportunity, and could result in a steady stream of residual income.

    There is, of course, the online entrepreneur who is always and exclusively focusing his sight in the cost involved, and thus doesn't advertise effectively his website, but if you could dig down deep into his thoughts you would find a fairly well-rooted conviction that continuous advertising is really a good thing.

    It is not lack of faith in website advertising that keeps him out of it, but a lack of knowledge how to advertise his online business opportunity himself, joined to old conformist reluctance to delegate the function to a professional who would necessarily have to be a person from a "confidential source" to earn his salt.

    A dilemma arises when these hired "marketing professionals" devour every dollar in the advertising budget but are not able to produce the desired results. The online entrepreneur could begin to nihilistically suppose that either there is something wrong with his online business opportunity or that advertising his website is pointless.

    The problem is not "whether to advertise, "but" how to advertise".

    For advertising a website is as complex as the online business opportunity itself. It is as easy to teach a man how to make residual income and get rich as it is to teach him how to advertise. It isn't a matter of figures and rules, but a matter of quick-witted, teachable common-sense and self-confidence joined to actual experience.

    Although there are spread through the advertising world many opinions of what constitutes the base for proper website advertising, and anybody involved thinks is well informed, there are certain qualified characteristics that can't be avoided.

    The advertiser's essential qualifications, the characteristics of a good online entrepreneur should be based first of all on imagination, to produce in the potential costumer the wish for the product or service offered, then creativity to maintain the created desire in the costumer, and perseverance to not only acquire, but also continue to preserve a costumer base.

    Creative website advertising is more than capable of arousing anyone's curiosity initially, and to keep that intrinsic curiosity fixed until the advertisement has been rationally assimilated.

    Of course, you've got to have a good online business opportunity to exploit. You may pass off a fraudulent online scam for a time; you can't keep a poor thing up, no matter how well and how much creativity is used when advertising a web page. This is an advertising principle that should be branded with fire in every online entrepreneur's forehead.

    The right website advertising will do a great deal. It will persuade people, for instance, to eat a certain kind of food, but it will not digest it. If the food isn't digestible the best creative advertising in the world will not induce people to continue stuffing themselves with it.

    There is no such thing as good advertising for a poor proposition-"good" meaning honest, effective and continuous. But the right kind of website advertising will construct a way to earn residual income, and, backed by a meritorious online business opportunity, profitable results just as surely as the sun shines.

    Copyright F. Prida. All Rights Reserved.

    Learn HOW to Make Lifelong Residual Income [] from an Online Business Opportunity [].

    Article Source:

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