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Here's How You Can Make Money From Home

By Alonzo Stride

Paid surveys are a fantastic way to make money from home. However, there are ways to make sure that setting up your home based business is as economical and profitable as possible. Here are a few ways to economize your time.

Research blogs and online communities to gain feedback

There are many paid survey enthusiasts that run blogs dedicated to finding the best paid survey sites. Contributors to these sites document the surveys that they have completed and the money that they have generated each month. Online communities are also helpful where members are willing to offer advice and address any questions you may have.

Ensure that you are happy with the paid sites you have selected

It is worth investigating how much money each site pays per survey and survey length. Some surveys may be more worthwhile than others. Some paid survey sites use point systems and others use currency. Sometimes the point system works out better value. You can figure this out by how much the vouchers are worth. For example, if a ?25 gift card is worth 25,000 points, and a 30 minute survey is awarding you 2500 points, you are receiving $2.50 for that survey.

Check the payment threshold of the paid survey site

What methods can you use to redeem your money and when? The reward of a voucher from your chosen store or a PayPal withdrawal are great incentives to keep you motivated. However, if the threshold is too high, you can lose your enthusiasm before you have chance to redeem.

Ensure that you are happy with the methods of payment

Are you happy with accepting vouchers or gifts for your hard work or would you rather be paid by money transferred to PayPal. Often the PayPal option is less value, however it is worth accepting it if you know that you won't make use of vouchers at the shops provided. As soon as you log onto the site, identify the payment methods and ensure that you are happy to be rewarded in this way.

Verify typical survey length and how much effort they require to complete

There may be surveys on two different sites that offer the same points yet one takes only 10 minutes and the other takes 45 minutes to fill out. Some surveys might appear shorter yet the questions require more thought or you might have to write as opposed to solely completing multiple questions.

Once you have committed to paid survey sites, there are certain ways to maximise your success

Take the time to fill out your profile and complete any mini surveys. The paid survey site will then identify suitable surveys for you. This will prevent you from getting the notification that the survey is unsuitable and that you will have to try another. Ensure that you are signed up to email notifications. As soon as you receive an email, you must complete the survey else you run the risk that the quota is filled and you have missed out on that opportunity.

Paid surveys are a great way to earn money while working from home. They are often fun to fill in and are a beneficial and helpful activity, providing feedback to companies. By following this advice, you will ensure that you make the most of your time while maximizing the potential profit of your home-based business.


Alonzo Stride is an online product reviewer. To learn more about Paid Surveys, and about how to earn money from home at the same time, and the benefits that you can take from this product, try visiting: Paid Surveys is surely the way to go today, to make that little extra money that you need.

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Leads, Leads, Leads!


The Epitome of Perfection in MLM

By Di Couch

In this generation we are looking to get it all right all the time, but our obsession with the epitome of perfection in multi-level marketing and our everyday lives is getting out of control. Success in any industry is about learning, failing and correcting, without this process in your journey you will spend a lot of years in anguish. You will need to address your obsession with perfection at the beginning of your career if you are to succeed in the industry.

The natural process in any learning environment is to be taught; study, test and either pass or fail. So if you treat your business in this same fashion you can soon discard this obsession with the epitome of perfection and grow your business in a strong, stable and logical manner.

So let's break it down...

Taught: You will either have to be self-taught or find a mentor that is legitimate and who is willing to invest in you. You see, time is the most valuable commodity in life, even though most of us are brain washed into thinking it is money. So you will need to invest in a library, which I highly recommend and/or a mentor.

Study: this is going to come down to you and your commitment to your success. There is never going to be a mini version of your mentor sitting on your desk cheering you on each morning. So will you have to learn to be a self-starter who can remain focused and on track.

Test: You will need to test all forms of what you learn, whether it be lead generation, mentoring, scripts, time management. These will all need to documented, tested and analysed and corrected if need be.

Pass or Fail: this is where you go over everything you are doing. If you are doing a form of lead generation and you are monitoring your results correctly you can see what needs to be trashed and what needs to be tweaked. This will also be relevant when you are mentoring your team, learning to deal with all types of personalities with all different levels of ambition takes some trial and error on your part.

As you can see there is a lot of room for adjustment, so your ability to erase the epitome of perfection from your mindset and the mindset of your team will only work in your favour.


To your success!

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How Bad Do You Want It? (Success) HD


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