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How to Generate Passive Income From an eBook That You're About to Write!

Well, the title may sound a bit tricky, but the concept is fairly simple and straight - you're actually targeting your potential customers even before you have launched the product. Suppose - you are planning and preparing to write an eBook on some topic and you're still in the research and development phase; but you want some cash to be rolling in even before you have taken the first step. For most newbies and even for some experienced marketers - this is simply impossible. But the fact is different, you can make money from a product without even launching this. Here you will explore a unique and very powerful method to monetize your thoughts and creativity even before you have done something on a piece of paper. Let's explore how you can actually take the right action and start making money for marketing and promoting your eBook that you're planning to write.

How to generate passive income from an eBook that you have not completed yet!

If you're creative enough, you would always explore a method of monetizing almost anything and everything and at the same time, you will find out the way to bank and profit from the ventures you're launching or even you're planning to launch. Let's explore how you can make things happen in the right way, just like a professional business entrepreneur online:

#1 Find the right audience and monetize their interests in your eBook

First, you have to look for the right audience for the product you have. You may find them anywhere and everywhere. You should start looking for them in your own neighbourhood and friends. Once you get them to know about your eBook, you will be able to create a buzz and find some more people who are interested to explore what you have to offer them. This is how you can find the right audience for your eBook.

#2 Offer some rewards to the people who are already expressing their interest

Once you have the right audience ready, it's time to start working with the demands in the market for your product. You need to get their attitude and approach towards what you say and finally you have to make it positive for yourself. You need to offer some rewards to the people who are already expressing their interests about your eBook. Send them some surprise gifts online, they'll just love to share about you and your stuff.

#3 Let them take action to explore how desperate they are to get your product

Finally, you got to encourage them to take action. This will help you explore the level of desperateness towards your item and this will help you create a complete plan to deal with the situation. Once you have started getting the response, you have to optimize the plan and make sure to have something that would generate maximum profit. You have to take the right steps on the right time to make the necessary changes and get things going in the right way.


Do you want to explore how to generate passive online income without having anything to offer? Join us now and explore the methods, tips and strategies from the gurus online!

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The Implications of The Microblog Takeover

It's no secret that images convert better than text. Words are at their most evocative when they conjure images in the mind's eye, but Internet users have notoriously short attention spans. You can't count on them to take the time to read evocative copy. Images, therefore, must serve as a lure that warms a prospect to what you have to say.

Unfortunately, the most popular social media networks have wildly different requirements when it comes to uploading images. You will always have to double-check the height and width of your images before you post, but with this guide, you'll at least know what the optimal resolutions are for each network.

Keep this in mind, though: you should always take your images at the highest resolution possible. Social networks will automatically scale your images down, so if you start with a low-resolution source, the end result will look even worse.


The Facebook cover photo is a major attention-grabber, so you absolutely want to get this one right. The image should be at least 851×315 pixels. Profile photos should be at least 180×180, although Facebook will automatically size them down to 160×160.

Link images are best at 1200×627, and Facebook will scale them down to 403×210 on PCs and 560×292 on mobile devices. Post images, meanwhile, should be at least 1200×1200, and they'll display at 403×403 on the PC and 560×560 on mobile devices. Facebook accepts the JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, and PNG formats.


Twitter supports images as long as they're hosted on and are displayed inline. Your Twitter profile picture should be 400×400, and your cover picture should be 1500×500. Keep post images at 880×440-an aspect ratio of 2:1-and note that these images cannot exceed 3 MB or 1040×512.

Twitter supports the following formats: JPEG, PNG, and GIF. Note that the GIF format supports animation, which is a great way to grab your followers' attention. Animated GIFs are a series of individual photos in sequence which loop endlessly.


Google+ now has more than 1.5 billion users, and the network boasts over 200 million mobile users. Though it remains less popular than Facebook, there's no doubt that Google is doing all it can to push its network. Here is how to post images.

Your profile pic should be 250×250, and it will display as a circle. This means that some automatic cropping will occur, so make sure that the individual's face is centered in the image. Post images must be at an aspect ratio of 1:1, and the optimal size is 620×620.

Your cover photo should be 1080×608. You'll want to crop 140px from either side because many mobile devices don't display these pixels anyway. Like Twitter, you can use animated GIFs on Google+.


The network for professionals that requires no introduction, LinkedIn is not exactly photo-friendly. Infographics and other long visuals get cut off, so if you plan on posting these, consider cropping them to create a teaser. Your LinkedIn company logo should come in at 100×60, while your profile picture can be 200×200.

Your cover photo should be 646×220, while your link posts can be any size but will scale down to a stingy 180×110. Your background post can be as large as 1400×425, but note that this is a premium feature.


Pinterest, the image playground, can be a consistent traffic source for companies with products that appeal to its mostly female user base. Note that "pins" on Pinterest are previews. When a user clicks them, a larger version of the image appears.

Pins should be at least 736 pixels wide, and the height will scale automatically. Your profile pic should be at least 600×600 pixels. Note that your board cover image will be displayed at 216×146, and is scaled down from the size of the pin you decide to feature. Similarly, your pin cover images are scaled down to 236px in the same fashion.

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