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~ Volume 12 : Issue 36 : October 23, 2013 ~
Celebrating Over 12 Years of Publication!
Publisher/Editor/Owner : Michelle Hoffmann  
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    This week, we will be continuing our series on Social Networking. There are so many new social networking sites coming onto the scene almost daily, and the potential for making money from each and every one of them is huge!

    The only problem that most people have, is that they don't know HOW to make money from them. Well, we're going to give you some tips on how you, too, can make hugs amounts of money simply by making a few new friends! Sound fun? Well...

    Grab a cup of coffee, relax and read on...

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    Social Networking Is "Where It's At"!

    By Michelle Hoffmann

    Ever since Facebook hit the scene, people have been flocking to all sorts of social networking sites. For business, there is 'LinkedIn', the new 'ISMMagic', the even newer 'IBOToolbox','SWOM','Bizoppers', 'Google +', et al. If you are not business oriented and just want to meet new people, there are always 'MySpace' or 'Twitter'. The list goes on and on and on! Even 'YouTube' and 'Flickr' are getting in on the action! Sheesh! Is nothing safe anymore?

    You have to be careful however, of what information you post. If you are a professional, you don?t want to post things like what you had for dinner or how upset you are at your kids or boss - especially your boss! You want to keep your appearances up. Remember, if you ever are looking for a new job, this potential employer will most likely look you up! And Facebook (and the other sites) are prime locations for someone to find out TONS about YOU! This goes for photos, too. It won?t look too good if you have pictures of your drinking binges or photos of you running around half naked.

    Many people (myself included) have found social networking sites to be great sites to find new members for our businesses. One way of doing this is by creating 'groups' that you can send people who have expressed an interest in your product or service to. Here is your list of people who are interested in what you are offering!

    Now you can then interact with them and find out what exactly they are looking for. You can give them information about your product or service and if they like it, you know they?re going to tell their friends. It's what people do!

    Some social networks have a twist to them that make them unique. They have taken the networking concept a bit further and integrated a way for you to make money! They pay you for talking to your friends.

    How cool is THAT!?!

    IBOToolbox pays you in credits that you can use for advertising. Now, this site has literally exploded in the past weeks. I call it 'Facebook on Steroids'! The only downside that I see to 'IBOToolbox' is that you are limited on how many blogs you can post. They only allow 2 per day. If I were the creator, I might just up that to 5 posts a day or even 10 posts, depending on the amount of members or posts? you don't want to clog up your server.

    Another good social networking site that you can earn from is 'ISM Magic'. 'ISM Magic' is:

    Designed by internet marketers for internet marketers
    3 ways to earn, referral and downline commissions plus activity bonus
    Even free members can earn
    Learn to be a marketing wizard at Magic School
    Grow your business, as if by magic, with social networking
    4 x 9 Midas Matrix with real time compression

    In ISM Magic, you can get paid to socialize and potentially earn an income of up to $100k+. Now wouldn't it be great if Facebook did that? How rich would we all be? LOL!
    IBOToolbox and ISM Magic are only two of the various social networking sites out there that make the claim that you can make money. I personally have only had this experience with these, you may know of others. If so, please let me know!

    Here is a list of the social networking sites that I have mentioned. I would love to connect with you on any or all of them!

    ISM Magic --> http://www.ismmagic.com
    Facebook --> https://www.facebook.com

      Facebook #2

    IBO Toolbox --> http://www.ibotoolbox.com

    LinkedIn --> http://www.linkedin.com/

    Swom --> http://swom.com

    BizOppers --> http://bizoppers.com

    Google + --> https://plus.google.com

    MySpace --> http://www.myspace.com

    Twitter --> http://twitter.com

    Flickr --> http://flickr.com/

    YouTube --> http://youtube.com/

    Michelle Hoffmann is the editor, owner and publisher of The 24KaratMarketer Ezine, a free work at home ezine dedicated to helping you make money online, as well as writer, photographer, criminal justice major and the mother of 4 beautiful children.
    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Michelle_Hoffmann

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    “Social networking is about building people up in your network NOT tearing them down”

      -- Tasha Turner

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    Social Media Revolution 2011

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    Social Networking Tips For Successful Business Marketing

    Ensure that you are always updating your blog and sharing it with your social media sites. Post everything new you have to say on your blog. If there is anything new to report like new products, hours or a new location See to it that all of this gets posted to your blog.

    Read More Tips

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    [x] [[ TOP ]] ** BOTTOM ARTICLE

    5 Steps To Be The Next Social Networking Giant

    By Aiden Ruse

    A social networking site is a website or a platform designed to create social links with people far and near. In this latest century, social networking platform has turned out to be the most important and most used sites in every sphere of life. Using social media sites, people can get connected with dear ones and also with strangers sharing similar interests and activities.

    There are a lot of networking websites available on the World Wide Web like Facebook, Omegle, Twitter, Chatroullete, Google+ and many more. These are developed for advancing communication between people and have been considered to be the most popular among teens and even adults.

    The most evolving & popular one right now is Facebook. Creation of social networking sites is easy. Anyone can simply build a social network and engage his work mates to share and discuss everything in the group. This could become easier if one follows certain rules carefully.

    Tricks Of The Trade: Craft A Basic Concept About A Website
    The first and foremost step towards the creation of a social media website is to craft a basic concept about the site. The core purpose and intentions of the venture must be jotted down on white paper and pondered upon with deep intent. The site should be designed according to the type of people who can join what kind of features and application it will carry etc. If it is for school and college goers, features should be made funky and sporty to attract them. If it for the office people, it must be made with professional features. After the planning basics come the turn to give the site an attractive and soulful name. The social app developers/designers should construct the project in a manner where users can feel an instant connect with the site.

    The Financial Aspect: Accumulate Capital & Hire Experts
    The next step is to accumulate the capital and move forth by hiring experts of the job who are hardcore professionals in the fields related to social networking site development. Chalking out the financial aspects and details is vital owing to the impact that it has on the project. The development of a social community website requires a lump sum investment and it is truly pocket-pinching when it comes to updating features of the site. The financial intricacies are certainly an association of business social networking concepts where the owner has to spend money to set up his envisioned site.

    Programming With Purpose: Be The Best To Beat The Best
    The terminal step before the launching of the site is the programming part. This is the most laborious part of the entire venture as it requires skill, effort, experience and innovation. The best results can be obtained by hiring the experts of the trade who are efficient programming wizards. Hiring such individuals not only saves time and hassles but also makes the venture evolve into something better than the usual. Remember that you have to be the best to beat the best.

    Launching The Venture At Right Time & Right Places
    After creating and designing a website / application, it is no use until it is launched. The website must be linked with the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc to put a clear idea on the transparency of the website. These are among the many side features associated with social networking application development. The applications are also required to get individually linked with Google. Host your site with cheap web hosting facilities that are available throughout the web world and let the project roll off out in the open.

    Wait, Watch And Make Profit
    The last part of the story is the most uncomplicated one. After the site is launched, the creators will have to simply sit and wait to make profits. The final step to overcome the popularity of Facebook is to sell the website. In this way social networking website development is completed in a fruitful manner. To ensure that the site gains more popularity in the future and rakes in more profits for the owner, go ahead with some innovative and robust promotion techniques. The process to create social networking site attains completeness only when the person implements tricks in order to benefit from his investment. The tricks involved are that the person must make it genuinely his own property before he attempts to build a social network. The person must know the innovative features available in the market. Lastly, for a social networking web development, it is essential to make a good relationship with the members associated so that the owner can benefit further from its development in the future.

    About The Author:

    I am Aiden Ruse, a creative writer and a web enthusiast. I love all things design, development and technology. I also love all things having to do with PHP, MySQL, CSS, AJAX, or jQuery. I write for Impact Integration, the Website designing company Georgia helps small, medium and large businesses for any of their web need. The company provides various web based services and solutions such as custom website design, website development, PHP app development, eCommerce web development, responsive web design, business logo design, WordPress app development, open source web development, mobile app development and internet marketing solutions like SEO, SMO, Email etc. Connect with me on Google+

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Aiden_Ruse

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    Social Sites
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