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Hello Fellow Entrepreneur!

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This week we will be talking about Work At Home Success.

So, you want to work at home? Great idea! Now, the million dollar question... WHAT are you going to do? Are you going to sell your own products? Others products? There are literally THOUSANDS of things that you could be making money off of. What is your favorite hobby? Do you have special knowledge that other people could use? Write a book. Take a picture. Get out those paints and paint a masterpiece! Van Gogh started out just like you... as did Shakespeare, Einstein, Tesla, Da Vinci... just to name a few!

In this issue, we will give you some ideas to get you started. :) So, grab a cup of coffee, relax and read on!

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Powerful Work From Home Business Ideas You Can Start Now to Make Money Within 24 Hours

By Thomas Freers

Today, more and more people are looking for a simple way to earn a living from the comfort of their bedroom. They are fed up with the traditional day job of working from morning till evening within the confine of an office environment. Would you like to discover great work from home business ideas that can generate a steady stream of income within a short span of time? Just find out the secrets here.

Without doubts, the ever-evolving Internet technology as well as the increased production of mobile devices like iPads and tablets, has made it easy for people to transact businesses online with little or no risk. Besides, many companies go online to employ people who would like to partake in home-based business opportunities. Here, you would find a couple of online ideas you can adopt today.

* Data Early Jobs

These days, for the purpose of cost-effectiveness, several businesses or companies outsource their data entry activities to virtual employees. Today, it's believed that data entry is the hottest work for those who can type data accurately and who can use Word Processing and Spreadsheet applications. Typically, data entry comes in various forms which include the following:

1. Online Survey: This is one of the profitable business ideas that have gained much popularity in today's world. Online survey tasks are often the best options for beginners. You can make money by filling survey forms every day. The task does not require any technical skill. You are only required to supply the right details on the content of the form. You will earn money when you successfully fill in the form.

2. Database Work: Sometimes, you may find a data entry job that requires populating databases. For instance, you may be required to enter names, addresses and other details about the customers of a particular company into a database on their site. Besides, the task may require the use of Spreadsheets. Generally, you must be able to follow guidelines to ensure that all data is typed correctly. Accuracy is very important for this kind of data entry job.

3. Typing: This work is usually done on handwritten documents, a scanned copy of a document, or a PDF file of data that an employer wants to have on a Spreadsheet like Excel. A good typing speed would be of help as regards the completion of an assignment.

* Online Services

If you have certain skills, you can offer your services to potential employers through the platform of a credible freelancing site where a large volume of work could be found. The following are some of the best home-based business you can employ to make money:

1. Graphic Design: The demand for artistic pictures, logos, trademarks, banners and graphic elements has made graphic design a lucrative job. You only need certain software for this job. Most software are easy to use; you only need a good sense of imagination to be creative as a graphic designer.

2. Web Technology: You can also make money online by offering services in web design, website testing, website management and other tasks that are related to the web in general. For instance, setting up WordPress blogs for other people does not require extraordinary technical skills, and it is a good way to earn a living.

3. Publishing: If you have writing skills, you can source for jobs relating to e-book creation. Also, you can find a kind of work that has to do with fictions, academic books and short reports. You need passion to be a freelance writer. Indeed, it's a proven fact that one of the most profitable business ideas in today's world is content publishing, and this comes in various forms.

* Blogging Services

Blogging is another Internet writing activity. You can make money online through blogging in any of the following ways:

1. Guest Blogging: some employers are looking for writers who can write and post good articles on other people's blogs so as to generate targeted traffic for their own sites/blogs. You can apply as a guest blogger for them.
2. Affiliate Blogging: you can set up your own blog and post articles for your visitors. You only make money through the sales of affiliate products you directly or indirectly promote on the blog.
3. Blogging Network: There are sites that offer free blogs to writers who want to earn some money through their revenue-sharing system. They usually require that you have an AdSense account. Some sites already have traffic; you only have to post articles on your own blog.

Lastly, it is worthy of note that you understand what it takes to succeed in any work from home business ideas you want to explore. You must have the drive for excellence; be consistent in whatever business you want to do until you have the best financial results from your efforts. The lack of these values deprive many from online success. That's why they go from one idea to the other, always looking for the hottest work on the net. You can start with any of the above suggestions now.

You must learn more about work from home and other marketing secrets.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Thomas Freers is an Online Marketing Coach for what is arguably the World's Largest Internet Marketing School available today. He specializes in Article Marketing, Social Media networking and various other marketing strategies and works with small and large companies to help them customize their marketing campaigns. With over 50 different marketing strategies available today you must learn which one suits your personality. To learn more about Thomas Freers and to see more effective principles to explode your Internet business to create big profits and get results go to http://www.earn1kadayblog.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Thomas_Freers

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“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.”
  -- Albert Einstein

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Work From Home Success Stories - Real People - Real Results

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Getting Started, A Heartist's First Step - Find Your Artist's Way

Getting Started, A Heartist's First Step - Find Your Artist's Way
By Talesha Hogan

The only way to get started on something new, the only way to begin.. is by beginning, throwing yourself fully vulnerable into that first curious, awkward, fumbling, unknown, unsure step and teetering, elated that for this moment, you have neither walked or fallen. In this moment of teetering, you simply and proudly are the momentum that has 'begun' and in 'this now' you experience no fear, no failure, no success or win... there is just a breath of upright movement, suspended in the art of your first conscious creation, your first step!

Babies have a knack for doing this... for pulling themselves upright on tender wobbling feet, still plumply rounded with curled toes, yet in that moment of their first step, there is no deep seated fear of what will become of their unsure feet, no pondering of the perfect footing, no mulling over what they will look like ambling toward their first fall.

They take their first risk in life with a drooling giggle and a determined smile... and yes, most likely they will topple this first time, but for them, it is just another momentum between teetering and stepping again. There could be no experience of this falling, if not for the stepping, the leaping or flying.. the falling means they have stood.

I found recently that the word 'happy' derives from the same root as 'to happen'. I believe this means that to be happy, one must be fully involved and conscious in the experience of what is happening.. much like the baby being wholly present with their first step, the only step on their mind, in that moment. You have something in your heart that calls you... we all do. I picture the baby's mom or dad across the room clapping and holding their hands out toward their wobbling little one and I imagine the dream in our heart and the spirit of our own possibility reaching out to us in much the same way, cheering you, so proud of you... anxiously awaiting your first step, saying... come to me!

If you are reading this, you are a heartist in the waking... your dream is waiting and anticipating you, however awkward and uncertain your first endearing footfall is, however tender and unsure your barefeet have become... happiness is in the happening and it's yours for the waking.

I wish you many messy teetering wobbles, many first determined smiles and just enough falls to know you can fly.

Take the initiative and start ~ Ecclesiastes 9:10

Talesha Hogan - Heartist

About The Author:
Talesha Hogan
Heartist, Love & Life Coach

Talesha Hogan lives to inspire. Her art comes in many textures.
There's music, musings, poetry and paper spun into tapestries.
But the main ingredients are always love, passion and faith.

For more of Talesha's Heartisty: http://www.TaleshaTouched.com
For support with love and life, encouragement and happiness in your NOW. Sign up for our free Fool's Wisdom at http://www.foolforlifecoaching.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Talesha_Hogan

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