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January 18, 2012
Volume 11 : Issue 03
Celebrating 11 Years of Publication!

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Hello Fellow Entrepreneur!

Welcome to all new and current subscribers!
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Is your home business costing you way more money than you thought it would? Are you prospecting yourself broke? Not getting your opportunity in front of enough people?

To tell you the truth, building a home business the using the old methods can be costly and time consuming to say the least.

But what I could tell you that there is a way for you to actually build your home business faster, get your opportunity in front of more people, and all without spending a ton of money.

Would you be at all interested in something like that?

Well here is some good news. My friend Mike Dillard just released a new free video series that will show you how to build any home biz even if you are on a shoe string budget.

He will reveal how you can increase your exposure, and get more traffic to your sites for $500 or less.

So if you are completely tired of prospecting yourself broke and actually want to get some results in your biz, then I urge you to go to the link below and get your hands on these free videos.

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They are absolutely free, but you better hurry before Mike comes to his senses and starts charging people for these videos.

Have a great week and we'll see you back here next week... same time, same place :)

The link to the FREE DOWNLOAD section is at the bottom of the page. Hey... I have to do something to get you to read all the way down, don't I?

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Guest Article | Fighting Fire With Fire Gets You Residual Income

Passive income, commonly called residual income, roughly translates into receiving sustainable income through little effort on your part. Residual income is the holy grail sought by so many either online or through offline efforts. Does achieving this goal mean no work? The answer to that is no. To create money out of thin air is just something too many of "those types" of programs would love you to fall for - to believe is possible. It's not, so let's take a look at what will get you what you need... more money.

Residual Income Trial by Fire

As stated above, it is entirely possible all internet marketers have been taken in by promises that cannot possibly be lived up to; a reality that does not exist. These types of programs make statements that persuade you that residual income just happens. You need do nothing and magically money falls from the sky. So you test the waters, become disenchanted, and reach the point of, "Do I go on or do I give up?"

Do not give up.

In reality, you have taken all the right steps - trial by fire so to speak - to prove to yourself that most of what is out there is pure rubbish. You, like Edison, have discovered the 1000 ways not to make something happen. Then, presto!, your luck changes and you, like Edison, find the solution.

If Creating Residual Income Is Too Hard, You're Doing Something Wrong

Like everything on the internet, along with TV commercials and flyers offline, translating your dream of residual income into reality requires a simple, basic concept: One person has money and that person is willing to give it to you in exchange for something he or she wants.

In fact, it's not a concept, it's a "formula." Just as there are formulas for writing sales pages, articles, advertising, etc., there is that formula for creating passive income we refer to as residual income.

Various methods exist ranging from the downright stupid to your ultimate, money-pulling, residual income guaranteed. Most likely you have already gone through the first four methods without success. It is the fifth method that is so darn simple, and it is an easy two-step process:

o Find people who want what you have, a product that has a high profit margins and repeat purchases

o Find the best way of getting people what they want without you being involved, at all, in the process.

Now if you were paying attention, above you will note this does not mean you sit back and do nothing. However, with the proper formula, the right product, the right business, and the best method you can turn whatever your dream is into reality.

The internet is not dead. Residual income is possible, and your solution lays in the resource box below. All those in favor of residual income raise your hand, and follow my lead.

About The Author

Dan Brown is a firefighter by day, internet marketer by night. However, as much as he loves being a firefighter, like you, he knows more money can be made online. Residual income programs are a dime a dozen, and most aren't even worth that single dime. Discover which residual income method is working for Dan, and can work for you, too!


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