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January 04, 2012
Volume 11 : Issue 01
Celebrating 11 Years of Publication!

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All I can say is, WOW!

Ok. This is one of the coolest projects I have ever seen. It is pretty obvious that the big-shot bankers on Wall Street have been getting richer and richer during this economic crisis, while your friends and family members have not.

Well this really ticked-off my friend Mike Dillard, (who made his first million by the age of 27), and he has basically started a movement, in order to even the score and allow the rest of us to profit from the current economic chaos just like they are. Despite the fact that he is not an investor, trader, or financial guru of any kind, he has made a 400%+ return since 2008, while the rest of the world has lost 30-40% of their portfolio. How? Get this - He found a map back in 2007 that has allowed him to basically predict the financial future.

Like I said - VERY COOL! (And yes, it is the real deal).



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Hello Fellow Entrepreneur!

Welcome to all new and current subscribers!
Thank you for being an integral part of YOUR ezine!

First of all... welcome to the FIRST edition of 2012! I hope this issue finds you happy, healthy and full of enthusiasm for what's ahead this year! Forget the fact that the Mayans, Mother Shipton, Nostrodamus, The Hyderabad computer model, the WebBot project and many others have predicted that this year will mark the end of the world... it's only January 04... we still have 362 days to go! Whoo Hoo! Let's make this year ROCK!

Hey... if this is our last year on this blue planet, we might as well go out in style... right?


Happy Birthday to US! The 24KaratMarketer Ezine has turned 11 years old today... and we're giving YOU the gift!

Did you get the email? The one with the subject line: Happy Birthday to US! Come celebrate!? If you haven't seen it yet, you better check your spam filter (yes, unfortunately the spam filters love to eat us), your trash, check your other folders, just FIND IT! It's a great deal that is ONLY good until midnight CST on January 04, 2012!

In other news, have you heard about the RVLution? It's HAPPENIN BABY! Join the RVLution and make 2012 the year you SUCCEED! In your weight loss goals, your financial goals, any goals! Click Here to read more and JOIN about the RVLution!

Have a great week and we'll see you back here next week... same time, same place :)

The link to the FREE DOWNLOAD section is at the bottom of the page. Hey... I have to do something to get you to read all the way down, don't I?

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Do you know that there are newbies that are not aware about their own resources and power and then they get started setting up their online business without this understanding? The end result is that they fail miserably.

The fact is that once you know the resources that you have currently and when you manage these resources in a disciplined fashion it will take you slowly and steadily towards your end goal.

What are the powers that every human being have? Lets talk about that first.

You have 3 powers...

  1. Time.
  2. Money.
  3. Energy.

Among these 3 powers the second and third one, that is money and energy is different for different people. Some people have more money and energy to invest in their internet business while some have less. But time is something that everyone has the same. Even a multi million dollar internet guru has 24 hours in a day and a broke internet newbie has the same time every day to set up an online business.

The first thing you need to do is figure out how much time you have every day to build your online business. Based on that you have to set up a game plan as to what you will do with your time and how you will apply it efficiently. If you are working on your internet business exclusively, probably you have 8 hours every day to invest building your online business so make a plan as to what you will do with your available time.

If you are doing a job and only have 2 hours every day make sure that you make a time-table as to what you will do every day and how you will efficiently use these 2 hours daily to set up an online business.

Similarly you need to figure out how much cash you have and how much you are willing to invest to build your online business.

You also should determine your energy which is sometimes directly proportional to your interest level. You should know what you love to do and what you will do most efficiently. Then do that with complete focus and enthusiasm for the available amount of time you have every day.

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