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November 08, 2011
Volume 10 : Issue 40
Celebrating 10 Years of Publication!

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Why People Fail At Affiliate Marketing

When it comes to making money online we see more and more
people being drawn into affiliate marketing. It very well
could be the one method that could generate a full time
income for anyone. It is a great deal that works between the
person who creates the product and those who promote those
products. Like most other business, the profits you make in
this business depends on your ability to advertise, market,
and flat out work.

We see this market expanding everyday and with that
expansion comes more competition that causes all of us to
become more creative. We have to find new ways to prove that
our products are worth purchasing and that we have real
solutions to real problems.

The reason I love affiliate marketing is because you can
truly make a lot of money with little risk and almost no
cost. But the truth is that more people fail at this than
make any kind of money to speak of.

So the question is, why do so many people fail?

We Just Fail At Advertising: I think when people walk into
this business that it is thought of a get rich quick scheme.
Nothing could be further from the truth. This takes flat out
work. There are so many people going after the same dollars
and customers that you have to out work and out maneuver
your competition.

Most people think if you just send people to a website that
they will buy something. But nothing could be further from
the truth. You have to build trust and traffic. In order to
do that you have to work hard.

No Preparation: You need to have a plan. You need to have a
plan of action. You need to work that plan everyday. Seven
days a week until you start making sales.

Part of preparation is research. You have to know that you
are in a market where people spend money, and that the
merchant you promote actually sells the products you
promote. You need to look at their websites, conversion
rate, how many clicks does it take to make a sale. How do
they pay, is it a lifetime tracking, 100% commission deal?
Does their products fit your business and business model?
Once you find a good merchant then you can focus for some
time promoting his product. You don't just write one article
or do one or two things and then move on. You will end up
spending some time promoting that one merchant before moving

One way to get valuable information is by joining affiliate
forums, or ask questions on other forums about the merchant.
Make sure they have a high conversion rate.

Focus On The Website: This is a very important tool in your
kit. You need to focus on the domain name, how it looks, how
the sales funnel works, what does conversion process look
like. What is the content, feel, and ads that you place on
the site.

This is not like the old days where you could get away with
shabby sites. These days you have to catch their attention.
A rule of thumb, if it looks shabby to you, then it does to
those who visit. If it looks shabby then people will not
venture in to read any of the content or things you have
placed on your site.

I can say this with confidence, the affiliate markers who
make it in this business are those who have "rich-content".
When you have great content it generates more traffic, which
in turn helps with sales.

What you want to focus on is rich keywords, good content,
not over hyped sales pitches, right information, right
products-and once you put those things together you will
begin to see a profitable business.

Not Willing To Learn: As an affiliate marketer you have to
be willing to learn. For those of us that do it full time we
are still learners, and if you are brand new then you need
to be learning as well. What we learn over and over again,
the best investment in life is the investment in yourself.
Spend some time investing in yourself so that you can be
investing in others.

Many will fall short because they are too focused on the
money and metrics of things, we have to measure and focus on
things, but people need to have a mental shift. Instead of
focusing on the money end of things, focus on the business
end of things. If you want to have a long career in this you
have to learn the ends and outs of the business. Because
this business is more than just clicks. There is
programming, web development, advertising, programming,
relationships, and so on. You need to spend some time
learning your business model and how to improve it.
Plus you are also learning the needs of those you market to.
If we listen then we can learn.

Not Willing To Press On: Seth Godin talks about pressing
through the dip. He speaks about how so many people just
quit right when they were about to truly start making money.

There are so many that are attracted to the potential of
earning crazy amounts of money, and the money is there. But
what people do is they step in and don't consider the work
and learning curve of the entire process, and so when they
wake up the next day and their bank account doesn't look
like scrooge mcduck, they quit.

This is not quick fix, but it is a business that can reap
huge rewards if you work it right. You'll never know how
much you can get if you don't persevere.

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