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March 24, 2010
Volume 9 : Issue 12

Helping over 49,513 home income seekers succeed with
their home businesses since January 04, 2001

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Feature Article #1: Understanding Free Website Traffic Generators
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Feature Article #2: Money Making Ideas - How to Make Money With a Free Blogger Blog
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Understanding Free Website Traffic Generators

Will Winthrop

When people visit your site you need to ensure the same number or more people to come often again and again to your site. This is the key as far as traffic generation is concerned. You need to make a study how many unique visitors are actually returning, what is the ratio between unique and returning visitors to your site. When visitors return again and again, your site will become a grand success, since it implies the general mass like the contents placed in your site and is beneficial for them.

To get this done, you can place a link in your site, which allows members to consider your site as their home page. It is just an html code available free at many sites, and you can simply place this code in the most focused spot, which will provide a link for the visitor to click on. It will then consider your site as the home page and every time when anyone opens the system, automatically your site will open. This way our real purpose is met.

Advertising in free classifieds are other forms of traffic generators. While choosing to advertise ensure you are placing it in the right category that matches your site's niche, then you are maximizing the reach of your site's visibility to the general crowd.

Being actively involved in forums are next best level of traffic generators. You can become member of leading forums with more activity and start posting comments and try to get the crowd to your site.

Traffic generation can also be done by using software's, and there are free software's available to do this task. But you are required to understand the real science behind using these software's and you are likely to spend some time working on it to generate the traffic.

But above all it is through the content that you can gain visitors whatever methods we adopt. For better understanding of the same why don't you go ahead and check out the information on Free Website Traffic Generators

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** Feature Article #2
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Money Making Ideas - How to Make Money With a Free Blogger Blog

By Britt Malka

Today, everybody knows what a blog is, and many people have a blog either for personal or business use.

One of the first (if not THE first) sites to offer free space for bloggers, was Blogger.com.

And today, this site is still something special. Blogger is owned by Google, and you are allowed to put AdSense on your blog, and to advertise in other ways.

This makes it a great opportunity for people who want to make money online, but don't want to spend a large amount of money up front.

Create an Account

Before you can start creating your first blog, you have to register with Blogger. If you already have a Gmail address, this makes the task so much easier. Otherwise, you'll need to obtain one in the process of setting up your blog. Your Gmail address will be used as your username to log into Blogger in the future.

Choose a Great Name for your Blog

As soon as your account is finalised, you can start creating your first blog.

In order for it to be found as easily as possible, you should put relevant keywords in the title. I know that a title like "Little Miss Kitty's Blog" sounds cute, but it doesn't tell your readers much about what it is you are writing. "Great Tips to the Linux PC" is so much clearer.

Now you have to find an address for the blog. This is a very important step, too. Try to put the same keywords in the URL, if possible. In this case, I would try "linuxpctips" and it turns out that, at this very moment, this address is available.

Copy the letters you see in the verification, and continue.

Choose a Simple Design

Some of the templates offer splendid colors, but the more clean and minimal theme you choose, the more people will concentrate on the content instead of the design.

And you want them to focus on the content!

How to Monetize Your Blogger Blog

There are several ways in which you can monetize your blog. The easiest way is just by adding AdSense ads from Google. One of my friends posts a few jokes each week, and he actually makes a profit this way.

You could also acquire articles from article directories, put them on your blog, and make money from the ads.

Another way is to write your own content, related to an affiliate product. You could do a review of the product, and have your affiliate link attached.

Need some extra money?

Get your free report that step-by-step shows you how to earn an extra $50 per day the easy way from http://GetMoneyMakingIdeas.com.

And that is not the best. You can also gain access to a plenitude of other Money Making Ideas.

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