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How To Start An Internet Business – The Third Step

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How To Start An Internet Business – The Third Step

If you get nothing else from this series of articles, focus
on the fact that content is king when it come to search
engine rankings. You simply can’t go wrong with content.


For the purpose of this article, content is defined as pages
of text on your site. Content is often broken down into two
categories, primary pages and information pages. Primary
pages are the core of a site, to wit, the home, FAQ, site
map, about us, contact us and service or product pages.
Information pages are additional pages that support the
primary pages, explain your service or product and answer
questions. Primary pages convert visitors while information
pages generate traffic.

Primary Pages

Preparing content for your primary pages must be done
carefully. You should have a list of keywords you want to
highlight for each page. Using these keywords, content
should be written clearly and concisely. Do not sacrifice
the flow of your text in an effort to maximize the placement
of keywords. While this common mistake can lead to quicker
search engine rankings, it can damage your conversion rates
and give visitors the wrong impression of your business.
Traffic is useless if it can’t be converted to money. Focus
on converting the visitor into a customer.

Information Pages

Information pages serve a number of functions. First, they
explain and support your primary pages. Second, they build
credibility by providing evidence of your extensive
knowledge and expertise. Unlike primary pages, information
pages can be written with more of an eye to keyword

Information pages also form a critical platform for
promoting your site. The pages should be written in such a
way as to be easily converted into articles. The articles
should be submitted to directories for publication with a
byline including a link to your site. As the articles are
published, the byline will dramatically increase the link
count of your site. The higher the number of links to your
site, the higher you move in the rankings.

Information Page Topics

If information pages are so important, how do you come up
with topics? There are three methods.

The first step is to review your product or service. Pages
should be created providing explanations for the most simple
to complex elements of whatever you are promoting. Make sure
to cover basic items. For a real estate agent site, topics
should include 1) how to buy a house, 2) how the process
works from beginning to end; 3) how escrow works and so
forth. Never assume your prospect understands some element
of your product or service. Once these pages are created,
the site should be significantly bigger and, thus, more
attractive to search engines.

The next step is to review the results of the keyword
research for your primary pages. Looking down the list of
keywords, focus on keywords with less than 1,000 searches a
month. Every one of these keywords is a potential topic.
Because there are few monthly searches, competition for
rankings under each keyword phrase is probably low. As you
site gains links, the various information pages will move up
into top rankings. If you have 50 information pages each
producing 100 clicks a month, they will produce 5,000 free
clicks a month. Assume a conversion rate of 1/100 and you
have 50 sales. As more pages are added, the figures will
continue to rise.

Finally, forums are an excellent place to find topics.
Forums are sites where people gather to discuss issues
related to a particular subject. The discussions typically
start when someone posts a question. Each question is a
potential topic for a page on your site. Make sure to focus
on posts with lots of replies, as the number of replies
reflects the amount of interest in the topic. To find
relevant forums, simply search for “forum + subject” on any
search engine.

In Closing

Google, Yahoo and MSN frequently change the algorithms each
uses to produce rankings. Such changes can blow holes in
search engine optimization strategies. Continually adding
relevant content to your site is just about the only method
to smoothly ride these fluctuations. After all, content is


<<< Stay Tuned for Step IV next week! >>>

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