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Hello Fellow Entrepreneur!

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*Running ads in the local newspaper & getting ZERO calls
*Putting signs on telephone poles (usually illegal, by the way)
*Wearing embarrassing buttons and pins
*Plastering ads on the family minivan
*Pitching to your family and friends, ruining relationships...

Sound familiar?

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** Quote of the Week!
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" Failures are the pillars of success. Keep trying again
and again; one day the time is bound to come to offer
you the fruits of your labor. By the same way, no one
should expect the results before time and more than
luck. Keep in mind that hard labor is the gateway to

D.K. --- Submitted by Dillip Mohapatra --- India

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27 Days to Incredible Internet Profits
Day #14: "Advertising, Phase 1 (Ezines)"

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Day One's lesson?

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Without it, this won't work.

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