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27 Days to Incredible Internet Profits -
>>> Lesson #4: Physical vs Digital <<<

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Hello fellow entrepreneur!

This week we bring you Lesson #4 in our '27 Days to Incredible Internet

Did you go ahead and download our 'Dream Weaver Action Page' at from Day One's lesson?
Remember, this is an integral part of our course.

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** Quote of the Week!
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Life is a succession of moments, to live each one is to succeed.
Corita Kent

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27 Days to Incredible Internet Profits

>>> Lesson #4: Physical vs Digital

In the last session we laid out how to plan for a
bussiness, but you also need to know what type of bussiness
you want and the first division is physical vs digital

I would like to ask you what have most of us spent anywhere
from 75 to 20% (depending on how old you are) of our lives


We start the day we are born and keep at it until the day
we die. For many people the first 2 decades of life are
dedicated solely to learning. There is no end to the
variety or depth of information that can be provided and
new information is being developed daily.

When it comes to products, the most sought after products,
beyond neccesities like food and shelter, are information
and if you have it and others don't have it but want it,
you can often set your own price and that is why I
recommend it.

Information products can be in either the physical format
like books, audio or video CDs or in digital format that
can be downloaded instantly.

Compare the two and see for yourself which is the simplest
to produce and the most profitable.


  • Cost of creation is minimal if bought and non existent if you produce it yourself.
  • Not limited to location or zoning requirements.
  • Inventory is not required for information electronic delivery.
  • Delivery is instantanious via the internet.
  • No business insurance required.
  • Minimal operating costs


  • Cost of creation is dependant upon delivery medium.
  • Limited to location or zoning requirements.
  • Inventory is required.
  • Delivery requires cost and time.
  • Business insurance required.
  • Operating costs can be very high.

If you jump on the "Adsense" band wagon this month, the
Google PPC ride the next month you may find yourself with a
horse and buggy rig in the motor car age.

Lets recap

Information is a valuable and sought after commodity.
Unlimited potential in type, quantity or updates.

We also examined the benefits of selling digital
information products vs physical:

  • Low or no startup costs
  • No location limitations
  • No inventory costs
  • No shipping or handling costs
  • Instantly deliverable.
  • Minimal operating costs

In the next lesson we will talk about "Finding The Target
Market" and why this is a crucial step that you need to do
before you open your doors.

Yours in Service,
Udo Hoffmann
>> The "ORIGINAL" Internet Marketing Maven <<

Copyright © 2008 Udo Hoffmann - All Rights Reserved. "The Dream"

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Have a great week!
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Until next time...

ďAní it harm none, do what thou wilt"

Michelle Hoffmann
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