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Hello fellow entrepreneur!

This week we bring you Lesson #3 in our '27 Days to Incredible Internet

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** Quote of the Week!
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“The poor, the unsuccessful, the unhappy, the unhealthy are
the ones who use the word tomorrow the most”

Robert Kiyosaki

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27 Days to Incredible Internet Profits

>>> Lesson #3: How To Plan and Lay Out Your Business

I am going to hazard a guess that if you are still here and
reading this you are not satisfied with where you are in
your life and you really want to improve it.

So, which will it be, not enough month at the end of your
money or just never enough time to do what you want? Or is
it both? Your reason for wanting a business of your own
will always be one of those two.

Your either going to want enough money to cover what you
have or to buy the things you want. As for time, be it time
spent with family, time to go on trips or time to just do
what ever. These are the two basics which it always boils
down to.

So, if your ready lets get on with making it happen!

So far we have talked about Dreams, how they are necessary
and must be clearly laid out before we do anything and they
need to be reinforced daily.

We discussed the need to define the lifestyle that we want
prior to selecting a business, because we are going to
choose a business that suits our life style and we
discussed the need to take definitive action.

Now its time to lay out the plans and create your business
so that it can fulfill your dreams...

Regardles of the type of business you are going to build
there are some things you will want to look for.

Your business ... * Must be in high demand * It should be
automated as much as possible. * Should employ a minimal
number of employees * Must be available 24/7 * Should have
minimal start up costs * Must be able to expand and adapt

The following traits are desirable but will depend on the
business type * Must be operable globally * Should be
Internet based * Should have no physical store to buy, rent
or lease * No product to handle, ship or stock

Step #1 is to find the level of demand that there will be
for your product. Without a market or demand for your
service or product you have no business.

Let me ask you, In the middle of January in New York, how
many bikinis do you think get sold? If you said "not many"
your right, why? Because the temperature outside is below
freezing and the demand for bikinis is right down there
with the temperature!

Nobody wants to buy bikinis in the winter. They want things
like coats, hats mittens and boots to keep them warm So
step #1 in deciding on your business should be to find out
what is in demand.

Step #2 is to find out who wants it and who needs it. I
don't mean who would "like" to have it but rather who just
"has to have it or I'll will die!" wants it or those who
literally need the product. This means you are looking for
people with disposable cash who are looking to fulfill a
"want" or a necessary "need".

We all need food and must therefore acquire it, but why is
it that the Golden Arches are such a successful enterprise?
Because we want what they offer. We do not need a Mc
burger, but we do want a fast and easy way of getting fed
and they provide us our wants while satisfying our needs at
the same time.

So we now know that we "need" customers who "want" things
and that our business should cater to those wants and/or
fulfill a need at the same time.

A fine example of this is "Rolex", nobody needs a $10,000
wristwatch but if your looking for status then a Rolex is
what you want and are willing to pay for. At the same time
it fulfills a need, the means of telling the time.

Step #3 is the optimizing of the product production and
delivery to ensure that your customers receive the best
product at the lowest cost in the fastest time possible.

Henry Ford pioneered the assembly line, speeding up
production several fold while continuing to produce a
quality product at a reduced cost.

We have come a long way since then with robotics and
automation but the basics are the same... faster production
of identical products thereby reducing the cost and time
needed to make it.

Step #4 is the access to the product by customers when they
want it. As a race we are diurnal, that is to say we are
awake and doing things during daylight hours and asleep at

With todays global market it is always daylight for 1/2 of
our potential customer base and we can maximize our sales
potential by being able to provide for a customers needs
right when they want it rather than when it is convenient
for us.

This can be accomplished in several ways depending on our
business chose. Staying open 24/7 is one possible option,
having an order process that allows the customer to speak
to a representative or do it themselves via the Internet is
a second option.

Step #5 is the need to bring the product into creation, get
the word out and deliver the product to the customer all at
a minimal in cost to you.

Here are some facts.... Physical products will cost more to
create than e-products, Advertising is almost always the
biggest business cost. Word of mouth is slow but the most
effective promotion method.

A joint venture can help reduce your start-up costs. If the
product is non physical then the costs should be minimal if
you have some one else create it or non existent if you do
it yourself.

Advertizing costs are linked to the type of promoting you
do and the list is only limited by your imagination and
local laws.

Finally, Step #6 expansion and adaptability are a must in
business as was demonstrated by Frederick Louis Maytag.

In 1893 he co-founded a company that produced threshing
machines, band-cutters, and self-feeder attachments.
Adapting to market demands they successfully developed an
effective new fangled item called a washing machine during
the periods of seasonal related downturns in the farm
implement sales.

Sales boomed and the rest is history.

However, I do not suggest you hop about like a frog on a
hot skillet. There will always be "Hot", "New" and
"Improved" products. Every month there are a dozen ways of
doing business and what is hot today will often be
forgotten in tomorrows rush.

So lets review todays lesson..

You are looking to provide a product that is in demand.
Automation will reduce your costs, time and effort. Your
product must fulfill a want and a need. Your start-up
should be kept to a minimum and overhead low. Availability
should be maximized both in time and customer base. Product
flexibility is needed to adapt to changing markets and

Well "gee, gosh, golly" you say "all thats nice but what
should I do as a business?" That is exactly what we will
cover in the next session called "Physical vs Digital".

Yours in Service,
Udo Hoffmann
>> The "ORIGINAL" Internet Marketing Maven <<

Copyright © 2008 Udo Hoffmann - All Rights Reserved. "The Dream"

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