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** Publisher's Notes:
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Hello fellow entrepreneur!

Until now, I have been reluctant to raise my advertising prices.

However, with the steady rate of cost of living going up each year, the cost of doing business multiplying itself and the economic infrastructure gyrating like a yoyo, it is time that The 24KaratMarketer "grew up" and joined her colleagues in providing services at realistic rates.

From now until 11/10/08 (one week only), solo ads will remain at $25 each. After that, the new price will be $75 each. Package deal prices will also change to reflect the new rates.

These prices are commensurate with the standard industry rates (but we're still on the low end). And the quality of service WILL remain above average and personal!

So, with one week left... Grab 'em while you can!!!

You may have noticed that I changed the website again. Now, the blog is at and I just have a front page introducing the ezine on

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Thank you and have a GREAT week!

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** Quote of the Week!
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In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than
the windshield.

Warren Buffett

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** Feature Article
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Pushing through the slump

There comes a point in the life of any business owner when it seems like you are staring at a wall. Maybe sales have slowed to a crawl, maybe the work has become monotonous, or perhaps a few setbacks have happened recently. Whatever the cause, there may be a day when you are tempted to just forget the whole thing. Here are a few simple ways to get past that inevitable slump:

1. Think of the time and money you have already invested

It may seem that you're not getting anywhere, but if you look back several months into the history of your newly formed business, you will be able to see that you have already made quite a bit of progress. You have already put in your blood, sweat, tears, and probably lost a little sleep over this venture. It would be a shame to just throw it all away.

2. Rethink your business plan

If your slump is caused by a slowdown in your sales, it may be time to think of something new. Put your current ideas on hold for a day or even several days while you sit down and rethink your direction and focus. It may be that the ideas you're trying just aren't working and it's time to inject some fresh ideas into the mix.

3. Take a short vacation

Your frustration and lack of motivation could be your body's way of signaling that it needs a break. Running a business, even online, can be stressful and mentally exhausting at times. You've probably been working longer hours than you expected and facing challenges on a regular basis at this stage. Stress can deplete your body of important nutrients, so it might be time to take a short break and let your body recuperate from your hard work.

4. Ask for help

Friends and family can be a great resource at times like this. You may need help getting everything done or it could just be with some brainstorming for new ideas to put into place. Close family may already know some of the struggles you've had and might have helpful suggestions for you.

One word of caution: Make it clear upfront if and how they will be compensated for their help. It's not worth risking a relationship over.

5. Write down a list of reasons you started this business

When you started, you had dreams. You had an idea of what you wanted to accomplish. Sit down and remember what those ideas were. Seeing things in writing can help to motivate you, so make a list and hang it in a visible place like your workspace or even on the fridge.

These tips will help you to get past your slump and back into business with your online business. Remember, you started your online business for a reason. Keep that reason in mind to keep your motivation level high. And don't be afraid to give yourself a break when needed. Happy selling!

By Diego Norte

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