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** Quote of the Week!
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The world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation...
The hand is the cutting edge of the mind.

- Jacob Bronowski

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** Feature Article
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“How To Create Supreme States Of Mind That
Empower You To Make Magnificent Changes...”

© Colin G Smith - All Rights reserved.

One of the most important and useful aspects of using NLP to
master yourself is in the art of creating resource states.
Resource states are states of mind that can be used to
positively re-program your past, present and future.

One of the classic uses in NLP is for programming a state of
confidence into your future. Most adults have experienced a
profound sense of confidence at some stage in their life.
Maybe it only lasted a few seconds and was many years ago.
This is fine. The beauty of NLP allows us to capture that
wonderful resource and create more of that state, and place
it exactly where we desire!

The amount of different useful states of mind is vast and
the fact is we hardly ever tap into these 'hidden
resources.' Resource states include; Confidence, Creativity,
Relaxation, Playfulness, Concentration, Perseverance,
Ecstasy.... Any others?

Here's a couple of examples to clarify what I'm getting at:

Have you ever read a book that made you feel really
inspired? Where could you use that? How about programming
that state into your workplace? Do you compose music? Paint?
Giving a sales pitch?

Can you remember or imagine a time being in nature,
surrounded by mellow shades of green with soft sounds of
birds in the distance and a close by stream. Where could you
use that state of tranquility?

And now to the actual technique. Treat yourself to 10 - 15
minutes to do this the first time. As you practice the
technique more you'll be able to achieve good results in
less time....

NLP Technique:

Program A Resource State Into A Future Situation

1. Think of a resource state you want more of in a future
situation. (Joy, Ecstasy, Fun, Creativity, Confidence,
Compassion etc.)

2. Relax down into a trance. (Use whatever way you want to
go into a relaxed state. e.g. Deep breathing, self-hypnosis,
meditation techniques.) The more relaxed you become the more
powerful the rest of the exercise will be, so enjoy becoming
more relaxed.

3. Remember a time you felt the chosen resource state
strongly. Or imagine a situation in the future that would
allow you to feel that resource state. NOTE: There are
several tips in the NLP ToolBox eBook to help you remember

4. Fully associate into the experience and see what you saw
at the time, hear what you heard and feel those feelings.
Make the colours brighter, turn up the sounds and amplify
the feelings. Anchor this feeling by squeezing your finger
and thumb together.

5. Notice where those feelings are in your body. What colour
would you give these feelings? Imagine spreading that
colour/feeling up and down your body, amplifying the
feelings. When the feelings are amplified, again squeeze
your finger and thumb together to capture that feeling.

6. Break state. (Look around the room or remember your phone

7. Test Anchor: Squeeze your finger and thumb together. If
you've done the above steps correctly you should feel those
feelings coming back. Congratulate yourself (This is very
useful as it re-enforces the idea in your mind that you can
do these exercises and they will become even easier to do!)

8. Here's a great tip they don't often tell you in NLP
books. Treat yourself and make a 'Super Resource State'? Go
back to step one and stack another state on top of the first
one. Squeeze the same finger and thumb together! Cool or
what? (Example: Confidence AND Creativity.)

9. Now think of a specific situation where this supreme
resource state would be useful.

10. Imagine what you will see/hear just before you want this
state to kick in. Example: The boss's door, the eye's of a
specific member of the opposite sex, a blank painting
canvas, a tennis ball etc.

11. Now fire the resource anchor by squeezing your finger
and thumb together whilst imagining being in the chosen
situation, unfolding as you desire it too.

Well done, you can now look forward to that future situation
even more. Where else and how else can you use the above
technique? (Hint: The possibilities are virtually

Each time you practice the technique with another resource
state/situation you will condition your mind to make the
procedure even easier next time...

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