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October 07, 2008


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** Publisher's Notes:
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Hello, wonderful people!

This week I am asking for your help. See, my daughters' school
is having a fundraiser to help offset the rising costs of keeping the
school going. She asked me if I could help out... so I thought I'd
share this with you.

Please check it out and help out, if you can :-).

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For every item that is purchased, Innisbrook donates up to 50% of the
purchase price to my school. I also earn a prize credit for every item
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more prizes I win!

Please consider visiting the Innisbrook website and making a purchase
on my behalf. A link is included below. Our sale will be over soon, so
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Thanks for your help!

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Thank you and have a GREAT week!

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** Quote of the Week!
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Wise men talk because they have something to say;
fools, because they have to say something.

- Plato

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** Feature Article
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Turn Your Financial Fears Into Financial Freedom
by Richard Gunderson

When Faced With Financial Turmoil You Can Either Focus On
The Fear Or Take A Bold Step Forward To Achieve Financial

Everyone is talking about some aspect of the financial
turmoil our country, and world wide financial markets, are
currently facing. There is plenty of doom-and-gloom
mentality being expressed by some of the experts and by the
public at large. People deal with the issues in different
ways. Some want to talk about it. Some want to avoid
talking about it. Others recognize the difficult situation
they're in and they want to do something about it.

A number of years ago I was caught up in a manpower
reduction at the company I had worked at for 20 years. I
fully expected that I would retire there. Most all of the
people that lost their jobs at that time were in state of
shock. They also had worked for this company for many
years. They were concerned about (a) how they were going to
pay the bills, (b) what kind of job they would be able to
find, (c) how long would it take to find that new job, and
(d) what kind of money they would be able to earn in that
new job. Looking back on that situation a year later, I
found that most all those people found good jobs or they
started their own business and did well in it.

This experience was positive proof for me that financial
fear for some people can become the motivating force that
results in positive actions that lead to financial freedom.
Many entrepreneurs emerge. New startup businesses are
formed. In some cases, these startup businesses involve the
hiring of employees which positively impacts the community
as a whole.

Let's be clear on this issue. The current situation is
ugly. People are struggling. Families of all ages,
backgrounds, and ethnicity are feeling the pinch. They lack
the financial resources to pay the bills and meet the
family's basic needs. These problems won't go away over
night no matter what Wall Street or the government does.
Nor will these problems be solved immediately because
somebody decided to start a business. Yet, we will see some
good effects from these troubling times. The question is
?owhat will it take to motivate people to do something
about it?

We're seeing a growing trend toward more home based
businesses especially online businesses. Internet commerce
has grown to over $150 billion per year. The benefits of
starting a home based business are many. No commuting time
and cost, increased flexibility in work schedule and
travel, and being your own boss are a few.

However, many persons that are capable and able to benefit
from a home based business are reluctant to start one of
their own. Their mindset tells them that they can't or
shouldn't for a variety of reasons, most of which are
based on bad information. The list below represents some
examples of negative-thinking and reasons for reconsidering

1. I'm too busy: More important than the number of hours
you put in is the consistency of your effort. Even 8 hours
a week will produce positive results if you stay with it
week after week. Spreading that out over six or seven days
and you can see that it can be worked in to most any

2. I have little or no business experience:
Business experience does help. Yet, some of the most
successful internet entrepreneurs lacked experience when
they got started. Today they run online businesses that
make very large sums of money. Don't minimize the
experience you have managing a family, managing your
personal finances, and the things you've learned in
current and prior employment.

3. I don't know anythingabout online business: Many of life's experiences start
with little, if any, prior knowledge. With the help of
others around us we learn quickly and gain confidence that
we can succeed. Be aware that many online business experts
have written books on how to succeed in starting and
running an online business. [The 10-Part Series referenced
below will be a good place to start.].

4. I'm not that smart: Are you able to balance your checkbook and
communicate with others via email? If so, then you are
smart enough to succeed in an online business.

5. I have nothing to sell: There are several solutions to this
concern. You can buy the resell rights to existing
products, you can sell other people's products as an
affiliate, or you can create your own product yourself or
with the help of others.

6. I know nothing about website design: Again there are people
that can help you with this and many other aspects of starting
an online business. You'll be surprised how inexpensive it is to get
their help. Some resources won't cost you anything.

7. I have no discretionary money to spend: Believe it or not, there
are ways to make money online at no cost to you. Beyond
that there are ways to start and run an online business on
a very small budget.

8. My needs are immediate: 'Immediate' is a problem. A couple of
weeks is possible. Other methods will produce more income but will
take a little longer.

9. Friends and family don't think I can do this: Unfortunately,
friends and family can be cruel and negative when it comes to
your ambition and desire to start your own business. However,
these same people can become your biggest admirers when they
see you making progress.

10. This is too risky for me: There are many
experiences you've had in life that involved taking some
risk. You take a risk every time you drive your car. The
first time you drove your car it was scary. After awhile it
became second nature. It's the same way when it comes to
starting an online business. It's scary at first. The
more experience you gain, the less scary it is and your
confidence grows.

All of the above examples of negative thinking are mental
roadblocks to financial freedom. However, they are
artificial barriers that you can overcome.

Starting and succeeding in an online business is a great
learning experience. The satisfaction and pride that comes
with success is the driving force behind many entrepreneurs
that start one business after another. Think of the
benefits that a successful online business will present to
you and your family. Keep in mine that you're not totally
alone. Everything you need in terms of resources, tools,
and assistance is available to you. [If you'd like a
better idea of what is involved in starting an online
business and quickly moving from being cash-poor to
experiencing financial freedom, I recommend the 10-Part
Series Earn Real Money Now. You can get this series for
free by clicking on
Earn Real Money Now.]

About the Author
Mr. Gunderson has over 30 years of business experience in
small, mid-sized, and large corporations. He also has
experience in the formation and management of startup
companies including home based businesses. He has written
numerous articles on home based businesses and making money

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Michelle Hoffmann
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