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Hello, wonderful people!

Well, I picked up my scooter yesterday! I am still undecided
as to whether I'm going to keep it or not. It's so BIG... and
SCARY. LOL (at least that's what my 10 year old said.)

I just heard about a new book that will be launching next month.
Let's just say... it will show you an EASY way to make some
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If you would like to be among the first to hear when it
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** Quote of the Week!
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A strong imagination begetteth opportunity.
Michel de Montaigne

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** Feature Article
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Niche Or No Niche?
by Lynne Saarte

The question has to be asked when it comes to promoting
your business: are you going to be focusing on a niche
market or not?

What kind of difference will it make to focus on one or the
other? In some ways it really will not make much of a
difference at all. You can use many of the exact same
marketing platforms for both niche and non-niche markets.
Postcard marketing is quite effective with both.

Some marketing will be more effective depending on which
you choose. Given how important location is to poster
printing, it becomes particularly effective with a niche
market. After all, the smaller your market is the easier it
is to find locations that will appeal to a wide part of
your desired audience.

But let us look at this in basic terms for those who do not
know as much about what exactly makes something a niche

These kinds of markets are naturally smaller and usually
centered around a single type of business or interest. One
example is a company a friend of mine used to work for who
sold database software.

Now, many different companies can make use of good database
software. Instead of trying to target every market that
could use them, they instead centered their attention
entirely on school administrations. By doing so they could
focus their marketing in a way they would have never been
able to had they gone for a broader market.

However, by default they now have a smaller pool of
customers to choose from, and since new schools are not
exactly popping up left and right, they also limited their
ability to grow unless they expanded beyond that initial

Some niche markets are naturally growing, and because of
that, allow you to keep the same kind of focus in your
advertising while continuously increasing the size of your

Remember that computers were once a niche market. Today
they are about as mainstream as you can get. This was a
market that continued to grow so much the first companies
who focused on what had been a niche were able to be seen
as the original champions of the industry, and reaped the
benefits because of it.

Back to the original question: should you go for a niche
market? That is not something easy to answer, and each
market will have its own strengths and benefits.

Rather then say exactly what a company should do, instead
you need to be aware of the impact choosing to focus on a
niche will have on your approach to marketing. Will you go
for poster printing over brochures? Will you create a very
specific message with your marketing meant for a small
audience or try for a broad approach to target as many
people as you can?

The decision is yours. Just be sure you know all the facts
before you make one.

For comments and inquiries about the article visit:

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