The Struggle for Perfection

Human life may be regarded as a process of successive achievements, and every movement in this process is a step taken towards the actualisation of the ideal which beckons one to itself. All beings, whatever be in the cosmos, are comprehended by this single law – the law of a striving for higher achievements. In this struggle to achieve the higher, one realises pleasure. It is well said that man never is; he is always to be. We do not entirely live in the present. There is an element of the future in what we do, and we never confine ourselves to the present merely. This means to say that we identify ourselves, though in a covert manner, with an ideal to be achieved in the future, which, we hope, will bring us a larger satisfaction.

If the future is not ingrained in the present, how could there be such a thing as hope? That we cannot keep quiet, that we always feel a duty before us, is enough indication that we are wound up with a future. It is also not true that we wholly live in the future, because the future cannot be contained in the consciousness of the present.

Time cannot take a jump beyond the present, which is its core. We might hope for the future, but we cannot live in the future. Life is always a present.

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