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How to Market Your Online Content Effectively

What is quality content? Quality content is information that your viewers can benefit from. Once you create content, you want everyone to know that your content does exists. Telling some strangers on the street corner about "The New Guide of Stock Picking" will help, but not effective. Time is precious. You do not want to reach the most viewers. You would want to reach the most interested viewers on your field.

As a webmaster, you need to actively promote your site. There are lots of ways to do that, both ethical and unethical. We don't have to resolve to unethical ways of marketing our site such as spamming, reciprocal link farms, page generation software and the like. The search engine algorithm will eventually catch up with that. That still leaves us with plenty of ways to market our site and content. However, the most important thing to have is to create quality content on your website.

As always, the decision is up to you, as a webmaster. My suggestion is to first submit your content to niche directory and then when you have time, you can still submit your article to other general directories. Submitting your online content to ezines and article directories are absolutely critical. You will get the maximum number of interested viewers there. The deal is simple. You, as authors, are to submit your articles to these directories. In exchange, you can promote your website at the resource box provided.

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A Leopard Never Changes His Spots

On June 14, 2018 President Trump stated, in his address to the American people following his meeting with North Korea leader Kim Jong Un, that all Americans should sleep well now, because of his deal with North Korea, right? Well... not me... I am even more scared, now.

The old adage states - "a leopard never changes his spots". Liken Kim Jong Un to that leopard. Sure... Trump says that Kim Jong Un has "agreed" to denuclearization... um, excuse me... but, can you really see him (KJU) actually doing that? What would stop him from simply telling us that and just moving his test sites? Remember, he has hidden his nuclear sites in the past. We don't! And, how will we know that he has taken down ALL of the sites? We can't!

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