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Relationship Marketing - The Key to Success

Expert Author Veronica Tan B.K.

Most of u try so hard in your network marketing recruiting to generate both offline as well as online MLM lead. You aim for your target market in order to produce exclusive MLM business lead for your multi level marketing opportunity or internet home business opportunity. Some of you may be more comfortable doing this offline the traditional way and others may have used the newer version of online lead generation.

Whichever way you are generating your leads is fine! Just follow what you find most convenient and what works for you! However, many a times, after all the time spent & the effort that u put into generating those exclusive leads and building your list which is the lifeblood of any network marketing business opportunity or internet home biz opp, many people forget about the next step.

Yes, the first step is in building the list. Lead generation is the lifeblood of your business. But the 2nd step is equally important. And that is building a relationship with your list. This step can help to turn cold 'suspects' into warm prospects. Network marketing today is also known as relationship marketing. So what is relationship marketing?

Relationship marketing is basically a marketing strategy that focuses on building a long term lifetime relationship with the customer. Emphasis is put on developing strong relationships as well as creating a more intimate bond with your leads, prospects and customers.

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Social Media Marketing - Putting Your Company Into the Social Crowd

Expert Author Darryl Jackway

It's always difficult to market towards certain demographics. With social media being increasingly huge, there is no better platform to use. Utilising social media to your advantage can help you figure out what kind of audience to market towards, who enjoys what, and who will most likely enjoy your product. With these tips, you can use social media and make it one of your largest asset in your marketing strategies.

1. Decide which platform to use -

There are a number of different social platforms and user bases. From Facebook to Instagram to Tumblr, there is no shortage of client bases to use. It is arguably the most important to focus on one or two platforms to begin with, to ensure that you don't fizzle yourself out with focusing on multiple things at once, as marketing is just one aspect of running a business. Be sure to keep track of which platform is receiving more traffic, as the one with a larger traffic count will more likely be the one with a bigger base in the long run.

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