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and now that 2018 is over... it is time to focus on 2019. What is it going to bring you? How are you going to use this gift of time to better yourself or others?

For me... I have decided that, after 30 years, I am going to finally get my voice fixed! See, In 1988, I was involved in an automobile accident. One consequence of this accident was that I had to have a tracheotomy (procedure to open the airway by putting a tube in your neck). In doing this procedure, the surgeon ended up nicking my vocal cord - paralyzing it. This causes my voice to be hoarse and hard to understand.

Just last month, I found a surgeon who does vocal cord surgery. I talked to him, and because he is in Massachusetts and does not take out of state insurance, I ended up having him give me the name of a doctor here in Wisconsin who does this type of surgery... and was one of his students! So, I have set up an appointment to have a consultation with this WI doctor.

I just can't imagine the possibilities that this will present - having my voice back! My self esteem with come back, my dream of singing (which I put on hold 30 years ago) will once more be possible... So many things!

This year is going to be awesome!

If you would like to donate, all proceeds will go towards anything not covered by my insurance and gas to get to the hospital.

  You can help by visiting my GoFundMe page! 

Thank you and God Bless!

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Happy New Year 2019

 My hope for 2019 is that everyone that I love (and I) are blessed with love with happiness , good health , and peace ! Love to you all !  Blessed Be!

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