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Why Your New Program Launch Could Fail (And How to Prevent It)

Why Your New Program Launch Could Fail (And How to Prevent It)

The importance of Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs

Thinking about doing a product or program launch to get some fast sales? Read this first!

Over the years I've worked with many entrepreneurs who are excited about getting going in their business. They've listened to many webinars and courses promising them riches with their next program launch and want to dive in to make money fast.

They are even being told they don't need a website; all they need is a landing page and auto-responder sequence and watch the money flow in!

If only.

The problem these "gurus" are not sharing during these hyped-up presentations is that just because it worked for them, doesn't mean it will work for everyone.

Here's Why Your New Program Launch Could Fail (And How to Prevent It)

One of the reasons is personal branding.

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