Addicted to Pinterest? Why Not Make Money With It?

Addicated to PinterestAre YOU Addicted to Pinterest? Why Not Make Money With It?

If you're like me, you've been under the impression that Pinterest is simply a forum for finding cool ideas for projects, or recipes, and such. Well, I was perusing the site and ran across the article - How To Make Money on Pinterest.  While I was reading through the article, I began to get ideas for my own Pinterest campaigns.  This seems so simple!  Just go to affiliate sites, such as Amazon or Ebay or any one of the websites that have affiliate-ships, and simply start pinning the products (using YOUR affiliate link, of course) to Pinterest!

Then, watch the sales roll in!

You don't even NEED a website to make money with this!  How cool is that???  I think it's time to get Addicted to Pinterest!

Here's the link to the original article - How To Make Money On Pinterest


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