Tuck Visor conveniently fits between seat and center console for easy storage when not in use. This blocks morning and evening sun and glare, will keep eeps sun and heat off of your face and neck. It also eases eye strain and eye fatigue, and blocks the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays. Tuck Visor is made of specialized opaque, thin, semi-rigid material that both slides easily and has great finger grip. Lifetime durability: won’t tear, fold or fray.

This removable and reusable windshield sun shade visor is easy to use and is an ingenious solution to blocking the sun and glare coming through your car’s side windows. TuckVisor’s unique, patent-pending shape fits all vehicles and is better than a sun visor clip. TuckVisor simply tucks into place, held firmly by the window and trim. Tuck, easily slide to reposition and re-tuck as needed.

TuckVisor’s Features:

  • Removable and reusable
  • Eases eye strain and eye fatigue
  • Reduces sun and heat exposure
  • Blocks sun and glare
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent pending
  • 18 inches long by 7 inches wide


Simply PRESS FLAT against a window, SLIDE, and TUCK into position. TuckVisor is held firmly tucked between window and trim.  No need for sticky glue!

  • TuckVisor is just one of the many great inventions that kulaBrands has helped bring to fruition  Because of TuckVisor, you will now be able to drive without worrying about the glare from the sun hitting your eyes and face.

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