SightSaver Computer Glasses by HiTek Speks

Tired, Computer-Weary Eyes? We can help! SightSaver Computer Glasses

Help Combat Computer Addiction Syndrome and Macular Degeneration

 Ordinary Computer Glasses are little more than colored lenses in cheap, flimsy frames.  SightSaver Computer Glasses feature Melaneye - a proprietary synthetic melanin that is infused into the eyewear lenses - and combats the harmful HEV rays discharged by digital device screens.  Synthetic melanin was first developed at the Yale Medical Research Center and its effectiveness later confirmed by Harvard Medical School.SightSaver Computer Glasses
The average person spends 6.5 hours per day watching some "digital device" - and this includes ALL ages.  Who can dispute that this is an "addiction"?  It is manifested inComputer Vision Syndrome that results in tired eyes, blurred vision, headaches and loss of sleep - plus mature adults can experience macular degeneration and retinal harm.
SightSaver Computer Glasses have a unique inner frame that can accommodate prescription lenses and the primary frame is made from TR-90 - which is used in luxury brand eyewear.

These glasses are serious, "state of the art" protection for your computer-abused, weary eyes.

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