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Never Give UpNever Give Up

You've been laid off from your 9-5'er for awhile now and the life that you've always enjoyed is suddenly being threatened by the lack of money coming in. You decide to go out and see if you can't find another job to help ease the strain.  Finally, after having spent hours writing up your resume and making it perfect, you go out and submit it to almost every company that you think may be looking for your kind of expertise.

Days, then weeks, go by and you receive not a single phone call about your applications. Things by now are getting really tight on the home front and your family is starting to come unraveled... not knowing when more money will be coming in. You are becoming more and more agitated, things just are not looking good at all.

You go online once again to try to find some sort of job. By now you will take anything... a job at McDonalds would be better than this!

Lo and behold, you run across an ad saying that you can make $1000 by next week, working from the comfort of your own home, if you will follow these simple instructions.

"What simple instructions? " you think to yourself.

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