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Since January 2001, The 24KaratMarketer Ezine has become one of the foremost advertising and marketing ezines on the internet today.  Each week,we strive to bring you, the marketer, the best and most relevant information and tools with which to aid you in your advertising, marketing,  and entrepreneurial endeavors.  Subscribers also get to submit a free five line ad each week, and receive great advertising with a personal touch.
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“Why Advertise In Ezines?”, you ask.

Over the years, Ezines have become the advertising vehicle of choice for many top earners online. There is an ezine (or two) available that caters to almost every niche imaginable.

Furthermore, by advertising in ezines, you will find the most targeted audience in the world to market your product or service to. You won’t get better results from safelists, social networking sites, or even traffic exchanges!

Ezines are not only great advertising vehicles, they also offer invaluable information regarding whatever their respective niches may be.

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