This Week's Trivia Question: 

Marilyn Monroe appeared on the cover of the first issue of which magazine?

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Last week’s Trivia question:

What is a group of flamingos called?

Answer to last week's Trivia question:

A group of flamingos is called: a stand of flamingos. a flamboyance of flamingos. a colony of flamingos. a flock of flamingos.

Credendo Vides!
By Believing, One Sees!

Past Trivia Contest Winners (in order)

  • Angie Glascoe (SA)
  • Mark Zebrow ($)
  • Mary Wiscox (SA)
  • Anthony Secrist ($)
  • Marc Zweitszer (SA)
  • Hayley Dunwitty ($)
  • Darian McDalnotte (SA)
  • Lisa Braybalche ($)
  • Joe Vantalape (SA)
  • Mandy Trousphilat ($)
  • Andy Dmnerkas (SA)
  • Nancy Oralmanie ($)
  • Amy Ackerman (SA)
  • Joseph Delaney ($)
  • Linda Kobilka (SA)
  • Mary Xenomothopolis ($)
  • George Belamine (SA)
  • Andrew Gemasenal ($)



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