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Webinars are an ideal way of delivering information to a large group of people simultaneously. They are also great for introducing your audience to products and services that will help them put any advice given in your webinar to action, but it's important that webinars retain a high level of quality. Of late, a trend of automated and rolling webinars has been unearthed. What this means is that pre-recorded webinars are presented to a selection of different audiences. There is nothing wrong with pre-recording your webinar, in fact, it is something that we recommend that you do. But you need to ensure that when you do pre-record your webinar that you are aware of any potential pitfalls.

The Cons of "Fake" Live Webinars

Don't Try And Fool Your Audience

If you are showing a pre-recorded webinar to an audience, they will more than likely know that it is pre-recorded. There is a certain quality of a live call that doesn't carry over into a pre-recorded webinar. So if you were to advertise your webinar as live, then you simply played a pre-recorded version of your webinar, you could leave your audience feeling cheated. Evidently, this will lead people to mistrust you and lose faith in any product you have to offer.

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