visitors good Internet business understands the value of hits versus conversions received. Far too often, businesses become fixated on the hits they are receiving instead of monitoring their hit to sale conversion rate. Because it fails to take in the issue of abandonment, this misguided focus is the road to ruin.


" Abandonment" is one of those terms that has a unique meaning when applied to the Internet. The term refers to reasons why a user leaves a site before taking the action the site owner desires, typically purchasing a product or making an inquiry.

These sites rarely turn a profit or unnecessarily limit their profit potential. Site owners must focus on only one thing when building a site-- converting visitors to customers.

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One of the common questions among clients is how they can get more visitors on their websites. While the website doesn't have anything wrong with it as it is professionally designed but the problem is that it is not promoted well enough to get more visitors.

If you want your audience to pay attention to your work, you need to earn it. You cannot expect your job to speak for itself and accept that marketing is a part of your job.

Here are four ways which you can use to attract the right kind of visitors to your website.

1. Create and amazing blog.

You must not only post here when you have a new client or something new to sell, but you must make a blog that can grab people's attention by giving entertaining and useful material regularly.

You can write about

• How you made the product - with pictures and videos.

• From what you were inspired - your audience will like it if you like it as well.

• How your viewers can make a similar product to yours

• Also about any gadget that helped you made your work better.

Instead of writing your opinions in a long paragraph, you can:

• Devote an entire blog for ONE idea.

• Make a compelling headline.

• Give solid examples.

• Invite comments that end by a question.

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Social bookmarking, over the last couple of years, has risen to a highly popular level with regards to generating highly targeted traffic for your website. The web has only been social for a little while now but the change this has brought about has been enormous. If you have a blog or a website that you would like people to notice, social bookmarking can be a big help with that. Many webmasters and bloggers have taken advantage of this new way of getting the name out about their sites, and getting targeted exposure at no cost. But how do you make the most out of social bookmarking and actually get good results?

Get Tags to Work For You: The fact that most social bookmarking sites have a feature that allows tags. Tagging is something that you can use to make your information easier to find. One of the primary pioneers of social bookmarking, Delicious, introduced tagging to make it easier for people who bookmark a variety of things to retrieve those things easily. So, if you would like to get as much as possible from social bookmarking, don't ignore the power that using the right tags can have. It is important to use tags that include your most important keywords so that, in addition to users finding your bookmarks, the search engines will find your links too. Don't Keep it Private: When you submit your bookmarks, make sure that they have the public setting. One of the mistakes that lots of people do is keep the links they submit private--that doesn't make any sense! You want your bookmarks to be available to everybody. This is one of the reasons that you need to have a separate account for the personal bookmarks you have; that way it will be easy for you to tell the difference between your private bookmarks and public bookmarks.

Write Good Headlines: When it comes down to your bookmark's title, you need to know how to create a good headline. There are a lot of instances in which good content gets misunderstood or goes unnoticed. This is mostly because you don't give it an appropriate title. When users are looking through a bunch of bookmarks, the first thing they notice is the title. If the title doesn't grab someone's attention, you won't get a lot of clicks. This is your most important opportunity to create a good impression on the user. Your title needs to be intriguing and interesting and it should make it very clear what they will find when they click through to your site.

Is it News?: Social bookmarking depends on every person who uses it. That's It. If you can impress the users of these sites by offering them something newsworthy you'll get lots of votes. Your goal needs to be offering your target audience something that is worth sharing. Delivering content that isn't newsworthy will only attract negative votes. So before you submit any kind of content to these social bookmarking sites, ask yourself - is it worth it? Will it benefit the users in some way? While social bookmarking sites can give you long term traffic, it all depends on what kind of efforts you put in.

All in all, social bookmarking sites can help you immensely when it comes to driving targeted traffic to your site, you just need to give them what they want. Discover more great ways to drive website visitors at Traffic Kaboom.

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