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Why Internet Video Marketing?

Video is changing the way we receive information.

YouTube is now the second largest search website in the world behind Google and the third most visited site in the world. The average online veiwer watches 12.2 hours of online video each month. Viewing video online has increased so drastically that firms are now forcefully rocketing their use of video to reach their audiences more efficiently, cost effectively and to gain a supportable benefit over their competitors.

Video is everywhere and content is king.

At Black Box Social Media we can help you create powerful videos. We can assign you a film crew or teach you how to shoot your own raw footage. We have world class video production engineers that will create your videos to produce results. You can then share your video with the world by posting it on Facebook, YouTube, your blog, and your website.

Video Syndication is the key

Do you want to turbo charge your online videos? Video syndication is the key. Without video you only have your website, but with video syndication we turn your videos into hundreds of mini webisites. Promoting your videos in front of many more customers.

Our video production and video syndication services are designed to get you results.

All website owners should know an SEO technique or two. Currently, one strategy that is growing more popular is video making. There is still considerable debate however on whether this is a good option to follow. Wouldn’t you want o stick to your old guns if they still work?

Before you assess the effectiveness of videos for optimizing websites and blogs, you need to first arrive at a basic understanding of video marketing. What this basically involves is creating video presentations about a certain part or aspect of the product or service that you are promoting. Once done, the marketing aspect involves uploading your work in sharing sites and other websites.

If you consider just this basic definition, you might not be able to immediately see how it can be regarded as part of SEO techniques. Optimization comes in when videos are associated with relevant keywords and URLs. In this sense, video materials are a lot like articles that carry key phrases and website links. Engine robots crawl your content, find these phrases and links and judge your web page rank partly based on these.

This almost seems like videos are pretty much the same as articles from an SEO viewpoint. This is not entirely the case though. Videos have an upper hand when it comes to appeal which is important after targeted traffic has been drawn in by the use of keywords. Videos are good to use because they are attractive.

You’ll understand how valuable this SEO technique is if you consider the nature of many internet users. Unless you are catering to pure academics, the average person would probably find it too much of a chore to read lengthy text explanations. Reading can be stressful even for people who aren’t inherently lazy. Visual units take care of this problem by getting rid of the need to read. All visitors to your channel need to do is to sit back, relax and watch you in action.

This isn’t the best part about videos. When you put your real self in front of people, you automatically gain the ability to reveal who you are, what your abilities in your niche are and what kind of a person you are. In other words, you get the chance to influence the impression that people form about you and even create a convincing display of authority. SEO techniques that permit this are the best because you are able to touch base with viewers on a deeper level.

In short, videos are good for your website. They don’t just help optimize your pages in much the same way as articles do. They also offer viewers a lot of value and even permit you to create a stable, positive online identity. After robots that have been drawn to your material direct traffic to it, you get the chance to keep that traffic interested in you. You should take steps now to build your own channel in video sharing sites.

Obviously, videos are extremely valuable to SEO as many new SEO training DVDs point out. It gives a broader view of the usual SEO technique perspective. Over and above building links for traffic, videos help you grab the attention of incoming traffic.

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