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If you or a family member happens to need to lose any weight,
spending the next couple of minutes reading about this short, totally
free (and we really do mean TOTALLY FREE) offer from our company is
going to make your day.

The story: Approximately two years ago we started working on
formulating an effective weight loss product.

Our goal was to develop a product that would actually produce
measurable weight loss for the majority of those using the product,
without generating any of the common negative side effects
experienced by users of existing weight loss products.

This process took a full two years and a lot of different ingredient
formulations that did not provide all of the results we needed to achieve.

That all changed four months ago, when we finally produced a product
that, to put it bluntly, not only generated significant weight loss
for our loyal group of overweight product testers, it also produced a
whole range of highly beneficial side-effects.

You see, most of our test group had 2 things in common.

They were classified as Obese and at least 100 pounds overweight.

They had also tried every product and diet known to man without success.

The majority of them were also Diabetic.

ALL of these people have now experienced significant weight loss and
the vast majority of the diabetics are also reporting reductions in
both blood sugar and triglyceride levels.

As an example we had one group of seven members of the one family who
between them lost 114 pounds in 3 weeks.

Now, if that sounds like a good result, there are two other facts
about their positive results that are even more significant.

NONE of them made any conscious changes to their diets. They
continued to eat whatever they wanted to eat, when they wanted to eat
it. What and how much they ate, however, did change as one of the
things this product does is to work on the brain chemistry to
suppress cravings for sugar laden junk foods and soda.

NONE of them made any changes to their exercise regimens and NONE of
them did much in the way of exercise to start with. This group are
basically all between 40 and 80 years of age and in the obese to
morbidly obese categories.

So, if you are wondering what they all did, the answer is very, very simple.

THEY DID NOTHING except take two capsules of our product with at
least 12 ounces of water, 30-60 minutes before each meal.
The offer: We are in the process of promoting our new product and
this add is part of that process.

What we are offering you is a TOTALLY FREE 7-day sample of our
product and we do mean TOTALLY FREE.

As we are not even going to charge any S&H, we do NOT need your Credit Card #.

We WILL however, call you to verify that it was actually you who
requested the sample and not some 12 year old kid who found our
website by mistake.

So, if you are interested, simply go to and read
the information on the page, then fill out the Free Sample Request form.

The only thing you have to lose is a little of your time and
potentially quite a lot of excess weight.

Thanks for reading this,


PS: You might want to go to NOW, as once we reach
our limit of requests for our TOTALLY FREE SAMPLES, this page will be removed.

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