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The internet is being dominated by social media. Facebook and other sites have made it easy to connect with old friends around the world, meet new friends, and keep everybody up to date on your life. Sites like YouTube have made it possible for anybody to put videos in front of the whole world to entertain, educate, or sell products. There are other software packages and websites that make it easy to video conference and share your views with the whole world. All of these things are leading to a social media revolution.

There are multiple options for you when you want to put content on the various social media sites out there. You can do it by yourself submitting to sites one at a time or you can use some of the automated software or websites out there that will automatically submit your content for you. Traffic Geyser is one of the leaders in the automatic social media submission market. Traffic Geyser has been helping people who want to get their message out to the world for almost 5 years now. Mike Koenigs, the founder of Traffic Geyser, has created multiple training programs to teach people how to drive traffic and generate revenue using Traffic Geyser to submit to social media sites.

The next generation of training from Mike Koenigs is opening in December. Social Media Marketing Machines is the name of the program and it will open for new students in December of 2010. The program is designed to help people make money using the global power of social media. It will cover social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. It will also teach people how to use mobile media, webinars, webcasts, and teleseminars to make money.

Based on previous products from Mike Koenigs, this is sure to be a hot seller. There will be lots of information coming out leading up to the launch including a great Social Media Marketing Machines bonus and you can learn more by visiting where all the updates will be posted.

If you have been in the Seo sport for just about any quantity of time than you recognize all about dofollow vs. nofollow. A Fantastic software program to make use of is: micro niche finder. High PR hyperlinks vs. crappy hyperlinks and the list goes on. Go to any internet marketing forum and you'll be greeted by a deluge of comments from everybody claiming to understand this or that about 1 such factor or an additional and how much much more they know about that than an additional individual does! (You might have to study that twice haha!).

1 of probably the most typical arguments I've study recently may be the worth of social bookmarks and how they do not carry any excess weight in the search engines. Many are nofollow and so on... I'm not here to debate the nofollow vs dofollow argument. I even now think that a hyperlink is really a hyperlink and it's not heading to look very normal to any search engine if your linking profile is made up solely of 200 backlinks from high PR splogs. I've attempted to do that and honestly it just does not work.

Here is an additional fantastic choice to attempt rather. Also be sure to get a internet marketing basics
1. Personal a Facebook Account

Prior to you are able to start use Facebook to your advantage, you must have your own Facebook account. If you want your Facebook account solely for company, then create an account that's strictly company.

Separating your personal from your company account may be the method to go. In this way you'll not get mixed up together with your personal pals and company colleagues or potential clients maybe.

2. Produce a Fan Page

As soon as you have created your own account for the company, then it is now time to start spreading the word inside Facebook. Produce your very own fan page. This really is strictly for the clients or potential clients. This may be the place where they are able to take a look at updates of one's website, company as well as other things.

If you want to be much more interactive and reap great advantages out of the fan page, don't disable the comment system. Let them comment and once they do, their pals (who are not a fan of one's page) will be updated and study the comments also. This really is an additional method to reap a lot of followers to your page. It is fairly a domino effect.

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