Many people who start blogs do so in order to try to get a little extra money, but without site visitors you won't be making any profit. You might be one of those people who keep trying out new things to get additional traffic to your blog. The biggest problem with this sort of trial and error is that they scarcely work and people never take into consideration what has been proven to deliver the results. In this article we are going to explain the importance of using a "share this" button on ones own blog. And exactly how this little addition can easily end up driving sizable amounts of traffic.

A "share this" button is a particularly simple way for 1 visitor to share your blog post with hundreds or even thousands of other people. I am sure somewhere along the line you happen to have been on a blog and you noticed a bookmarking button. The reason these people have them on their blogs is because it is a way to let visitors share the post with their buddies.

Many of these buttons which are available are not limited to just one social bookmarking site, but have the power to allow people to share this on several social networks at once. If you genuinely want to see how effective this little button can be don't limit the websites that your visitors can post to. Ideally you will want a multi-site "share this" button that will not limit the sites that your page could be posted to. Or at least give them the option to choose between online websites. You will need to always remember that everyone on the Internet is different and belong to different social networking sites so you really do not want to limit their options.

WordPress end users have it easy because there have been many plugins made to allow for a straightforward "share this" button to be set up. Again when looking for these plugins and also "share this" buttons, choose the ones that allow multiple social site submissions. What you are honestly looking for is a "share this" button that features every single social networking site you can think of.

Now lets take a look at just what this simple tiny button or plugin will do for your traffic. Lets say you just authored an excellent article and someone would love to share this with their close friends on twitter. Pretty much all they had to do was use the button you installed and now 50 more people have knowledge of your post. Now lets say that 50 men or women saw the post but just 7 decided to stop by your site and go through the post for themselves. And because they really liked the article 3 of them decided to share this on facebook, digg and stumble upon. And by those 3 people sharing, this post might now be suggested to yet another 150 people. From that point lets say 20 or 30 people stop by and 10 of those people share it with others. And this can actually keep going on for a really long time, so one person sharing your post can turn into hundreds or even thousands of website visitors.

The little things you carry out can get you more traffic than all those "traffic driving" programs that become available every week or so. And as you know, the more traffic you end up with the more money you will generate.

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