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The people up on onstage as MLM leaders now day's are drastically different from decades ago. In the past a network marketer or MLM business owner actually could rely on simpler or more traditional networking like house parties, cook outs and one on one or belly to belly prospecting. They could even give sales pitches to friends and family or anybody that walked within three feet of them.

Today you have to use different marketing strategies to stop the frustration of being rejected and build a network of committed people who will stay in your MLM downline or business for the long haul. One thing you can do is place new reps under people as they enroll into your business allowing them to receive commissions and eventually get their products or services for free. You have to put them somewhere right? And this will actually keep them "on the books" as a customer.

Because none of us have enough friends or family to sustain our business or provide real downline growth for us to be profitable and continue to grow a business. The good news is technology has made that a much easier task.

If you want to be successful with your MLM business then you should focus on the following three things:

1. You can have a personal blog or website without naming the company's name who's products you're promoting, but have your own instead. This allows you to promote your brand and services as well as position yourself as an expert in your chosen market. Remember you're a business owner not an employee of a company.

2. You want to target the right prospects you cannot achieve marketing success without prospects. It is also important that the right prospects are targeted by offering them benefits and solutions they are interested in or you will face a lot of rejection. Then by identifying this group of prospects that are able to benefit the most from the consumption of your products and services that you have to offer is very important to growing your MLM business.

3. You will eventually need an auto responder service to further position yourself as an expert in your market. The ability to send automated emails to your leads will prove to be a huge convenience. Prospects will look forward to receiving valuable information through a series of emails that help you to build relationships with them and helps you to build a level of authority in your chosen market.

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