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Look for a good place where you can put your inventory and shipping materials. It's a free eBay secret that they need to be in a safe, dry place nearby. Writing a daily To-Do List will help you organize your schedule. It is also the free eBay secret for you to manage your time on normal tasks and follow up on opportunities that aren't part of them.

Once you decide to become an eBay seller, choose the user ID you will have to use, carefully. Choose a User ID that represents your business or the items you sell. Your User ID automatically becomes your eBay identity to potential buyers.

Look up the "How to Sell" Tour and watch the eBay selling demonstration video. Then learn of free eBay secrets in starting up at the eBay Learning Center.

Taking eBay's fees into account may be the free eBay secret you need that'll guided the pricing of your items.

There's nothing wrong in promoting your eBay store. It is another free eBay secret that you design marketing materials to promote your store.

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 Expert Author Irina KashinaIt is well-known that Black Friday is a special day for ecommerce. It opens the season of sales - a period of great opportunities. It is known in advance, but as our experience shows, many merchants get taken by surprise and for some reason they are not ready to sell more. In 2016, Black Friday will be on 25th of November. As usual, most major retailers and online stores will open extremely early, often at midnight or even earlier. Now, there is still enough time to prepare. Further we will consider some suggestions how to prepare your store for the season of great sales.

Plan promotion for each holiday

There are many holidays in the period of late November and December and you should identify which of them your online store will participate in. You can choose all of them, but it is not so easy to manage all the campaigns and activities. Maybe it makes sense to only pay attention to the most popular holidays such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas.

Scheduling your activities

Planning of marketing steps and activities will help a lot over the stressed and overloaded holiday season. A promotional plan and a calendar with all activities and reminders allow you not to forget to do everything in time. For example, you can add the following items:

  • Dates when you need to upload or update the images and banners on your online store.
  • Dates of email campaigns when you need to send emails to certain audiences of customers.
  • Dates when you need to start and stop AdWords campaigns for each promotion, and so on.

Clarify the return policy and payment options

Many online stores offer more flexible return and exchange policy during the sales season. You have to decide if this service is possible for your store by thoroughly considering how it will affect your business and established processes.

Moreover, it is possible to consider additional payment options. Some of them are easy to implement and they may increase conversions and revenue from customers who prefer these methods of payment.

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