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Do you have a glass ceiling or imaginery force that prevents you from achieving major success? Do you want to break through that glass ceiling?

Here is the true story of how I broke through my mine.

One of the biggest revelations of my life happened to me at a seminar in 2006. I was attending a 3 day financial success seminar in Sydney, Australia, organized by Mal Emery.

This was my first seminar but it was what I thought it would be: a room full of self-confessed seminar junkies. Experts would preach on stage for about an hour or two on all manner of products from copywriting to real estate investing.

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Expert Author Martise A Armstrong

People don't listen to your words, man! (They might hear your words.) But, they listen to your tone.

That truth was just recently reminded to me when I was doing some prospecting calls today. I've got to admit - I'm not perfect! (I know - it's crazy!) I make mistakes too, especially when I rush into making calls and I don't prepare myself mentally and emotionally beforehand.

So, as I was making some calls, people were getting off of the phone kind of quickly and treating me a little disrespectfully. The reason? I lead them to think - even if ever-so-slightly- that I was a telemarketer, and so they disconnected from me emotionally. What made them think that way? My tone, my friend. It's all in the tone. It's all about the feeling that they get from the tone of your voice.

To prove that your tone is more important than any words that you say, do the following exercise with me, OK?:

Take a second right now and think about your favorite song... Is it clear in your mind?
OK. Now let me ask you: what is it that attracts you the most about that song?

I can guarantee you, that most likely 100% of the time, the answer has something to do with the tone of the song - the beat, the rhythm, the tune, even the emotion that comes out of the song that makes you just feel right listening to it. I can pretty much guarantee you that only after noticing these things that the lyrics are taken into account, at which point the lyrics - when they mix perfectly with the song - make the song that much more better and are more like the icing on the cake. Am I right?

Think about it. Why is that?...

It's because, just like anything from human beings, we do all things based on emotion. And then we look for what seems to be a logical reason to justify doing those things. (If you want to close the sale more often, knowing this is feast or famine - it's super-critical!) So, remember that: Emotion motivates us - all of us. And logic solidifies the decision.

So, how does that apply to tone while prospecting and closing? Well, does your "music" (your tone) catch and hold the attention of your prospect and inspire them to take the next step? Or are you focusing more on the words of your song?

We're not saying that you have to have a beautiful voice that lulls your prospect into buying. But, what I am referring to is this: when people hear your voice, what does it make them think of? How does it make them feel? Do you remind them of a telemarketer, or does your voice remind them of a friend or neighbor, or family member that they've known for years? (Be careful though: don't try to be too nice, or be too familiar with the prospect. No matter what your tone, people want to be around someone that they relate to, but that is also somewhat respectful - no matter who you're speaking to!) Do you sound trustworthy, confident or over-confident? Are you focusing too much on the words you say, are do you sound real over the phone?

Once you understand that people listen carefully to tone - that is, they try to catch the type of person you really - and I mean really - are; and that they only hear sparcely the actual words you say, then you will see that focusing more on your tone will make you incredibly powerful especially on the phone, but also in person. And you will be incredibly more persuasive to anyone you speak to.

So stop worrying about the words you say. Even if you're using a script (which I do recommend in many cases, by the way) you should focus more on the reason behind the words on the script and not on the words themselves. As much as possible, before you even pick up the phone, take the time you need to (maybe 10 or 15 minutes) to prepare your mind and your heart as to who you are and why the people on the other end need your product or services. That will give you the right tone that you need to connect with the people that want to connect with you (You'll see what I mean by that statement when you apply these suggestions). And you will have wild success in your prospecting, presenting, and closing efforts.

I really wish you the best.

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