BidRivals is actually an website for shopping that holds penny auctions to get amazing products for a mere fraction of the retail cost. BidRivals provides the lowest cost-per-bid in the penny auction market, plus a number of items. With hundreds of auctions on a daily basis, you'll find hundreds of winners daily!

Just How Do The BidRivals penny auctions work?

Making use of bids from a user’s pre purchased BidPack jacks up the auction by a penny for every bid used plus it resets the timer. The very last person to bid at the moment the timer ends wins the entire auction item. BidRivals feature the modern branded items such as Apple computers, SLR Canon cameras, prepaid gift cards from major creditors like Visa plus more. Through BidRivals you'll save around 90% off the going price of the merchandise you want.

Why Should I Do Business With BidRivals?

If you ask anyone, participating in a penny auction on BidRivals.com is fun! BidRivals operates in over 25 countries and happens to be on the list of oldest penny auction outfits. With hundreds of auctions daily and new items entered into the catalogue per week, BidRivals takes great pride in the choice and sheer variety it offers its users. Service is also key as Customer service is ubiquitously readily available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help customers. The main aspects that BidRivals excels at are transparent and fair auctions so as to provide a level playing field for all those using BidRivals. The company is continually audited by on the list of largest and most trustworthy auditing firms on the planet, Ernst & Young.

Getting Started With BidRivals penny auctions

The first step: Create an account for no money down and enjoy your first bid for free!

2: Choose what products you need!
Read the auctions to make a decision regarding the item you most want to get.

Step # 3: Purchase Bids to start!
Buy bids good item which you plan to win. Choose the BidRivals BidPack you'll need at the Buy Bids page.

Step 4: Bid by hitting the “Bid” Button
The past person to place a bid wins.

How do BidRivals Penny Auctions Work?

Using bids coming from a pre purchased BidPack enhances the auction by one penny for each bid used plus it always causes the timer to reset. The ultimate individual to bid when the timer runs out wins the auction. BidRivals feature the modern new branded items such as the hottest computers, professional grade cameras, gift cards from the biggest creditors and retailers plus much more. Through BidRivals you'll save around 90% off the the latest retail list price for the products you’re most interested in taking home or giving as gifts.

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