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Did you know that entrepreneurs all over the web are making money with their content sites and blogs? Affiliate websites are a popular way to monetize your site. Affiliate websites promote products and services from other online merchants. When the site owner gets accepted by the merchant as an affiliate, a unique code is linked to the products they promote on their site. When a visitor to their site clicks on a product link back to the merchant's site and completes a purchase, the website owner gets paid a commission on the sale.
So, in this article, I have outlined 5 steps building a Niche Website.

Step#1 Find A Niche
What is a niche or niche market? A market is a group of people who share a common interest in a subject. A niche is a subset of a market that is related to a topic.
Example: First-time homeowners is a market of people interested in buying their first home. This group would be interested in several topics such as; Home Buyer Loans, Real Estate Agents, Unexpected Home Costs, Mortgage Calculators and Moving Companies. Individual areas of interest for a market is a niche.
Choosing the right niche can be a little challenging, you want to pick a topic that interest you, but will also be profitable. Look for and target an underserved market, but make sure there is a large enough audience to sustain your site. A Targeted niche also makes it easier to optimize your site for search engines. And that might give you a better chance of gaining more traffic to your site.
Step#2 Build a Website
Website Builders have made it easier than ever before to have a website. You don't have to know HTML to have a great content site. Website builders have simplified the process by creating easy to use, drag and drop website templates with several different customizable themes. Some Website Builders give you a free website as well as a domain name and host services for a year. All Website Builders have different terms and services, so make sure you understand what services are free and what you have to pay for before signing up.
Step#3 Content
Now that you have a niche and a website, it's time to start creating content. If you don't have a knack for writing, this part of the process can be a little intimidating at first. You sit there staring at a blank screen knowing that you need to fill it with your thoughts and ideas. Relax, and take your time creating content since the content is crucial to the viability of your site. Reader engagement relies heavily on your content. The information you provide should be original and relevant to your readers. If you provide up-date-information and compelling images, you will be one step closer to having a successful Affiliate Website.
Step#4 Affiliate Programs
There are thousands of products and services you can promote on your Affiliate Website. Most entrepreneurs start with Amazon and ClickBank since their names are familiar. You can also use Google to search for affiliate partners. If your niche is maternity dresses, go to Google search, and type in maternity dress affiliate programs then click through the results. Always use due diligence when using this approach to find affiliate partners, since you may not be familiar with some of the companies that turn up in your search.
Step#5 Attracting Visitors
In addition to SEO and targeted keywords, find additional ways to bring traffic to your site. YouTube, social media, blogs, e-mail lists, and forums are all effective ways to drive traffic to your website. The goal of an Affiliate Website should be to create a site that in some way helps a community of people. Only then will you be able to convert your readers into affiliate sales. So, in order to do this, you need a steady stream of traffic to your site, therefore, finding ways to promote your site and add value to your readers, should be at the top of your list.
Even though your passive income will not be a lot in the beginning, with hard work and dedication, your commissions will add up. If you create your website with purpose, others will see the value in it!
If you'd like more information on building a niche site, visit my website at

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