Tips on what to look for and what to avoid before joining a Network Marketing opportunity.

#1 Is the company Global or poised to go Global?
A company limited to only few or a single country restricts your ability to maximize your income potential.

#2 What is the managements outlook?
Does management have an eye to the future, are they open to new ideas, or are they doing what they have always done because that's the way its always been done?

#3 Is the Company stable?
A debt free company is always a good sign as is a history of consistent growth.

#4 Does the company have unique products?
Are the products patentable? Or simply the same as another companies but with different packaging?

#5 Multiple market servicing?
Does the company only service a narrow niche market?
Like a line of sports clothing for people over 400 lbs.
You want lines of products or services that address the maximum number of customers possible.

#6 Does the company provide repeat sales products.
The products or service should be consumable or renewable to ensure repeat sales. A 1x product purchase does not provide you with a consistent income.

#7 Is the marketing system simple and repeatable?
Can the average person do the marketing without any specialized training. Will the results be within close range of each other if different people from different walks of life or countries do it? Can you teach your down line how to do it?

#8 Does the company compensate well?
The company needs to have a good % on pay outs. 50%+ is a high but realistic standard It should also have lots of bonuses as well as rewards to recognize milestones being achieved.

#9 Does the company pay you for results or recruiting?
A legitimate company with integrity may offer a bonus for recruiting but you main income will come from the purchase of products or services from the company by those who you refer

#10 Is there an entry fee and is it realistically priced?
What are you going to have to shell out to start the business? Beware of companies that require you to purchase an expensive "Starter Pack" loaded with tons of "info" and little of real value. They may simply be marketing their packs.

#11 Does the company bad mouth its competition?
If you find a company that does this or whose representatives do this please do not just walk away, RUN, as fast as you can! Nothing will ruin a company or opportunity faster than ill will.

#12 This one is for YOU. If your sole interest is in the money
and the company and product mean nothing to you. Please find something else to do. "NETWORK" marketing when boiled down to its bare essentials is about people helping people and everyone benefiting as a result of it.

Network Marketing generates billions in revenues each year for millions of people world wide. While it provides the greatest chance for success it also accounts for the most failures of any business model. Beyond the points to look for, listed above, the main reason for failure is the lack of time people will allow a business to grow. the farmer if you plant today you can not harvest tomorrow, it will take time to grow and mature.

Udo Hoffmann brings almost 40 years of sales and marketing experience into his writings. At present he is the resident article writer for "The 24 Karat Marketer Ezine" as well as freelancing on a regular basis many of his articles can now be found on his blog Vedi-Vini-Vichi

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