The Network Marketing Secret... What Is It?

Part Two

Its a Lie. That's right you are being lied to every day. Cheated
out of what is rightfully yours and worst of all its being done by
some one you know! Someone close to you. Who you ask?

GO LOOK INTO THE MIRROR. Yes, that is the culprit. You.

We each have our own story to tell, whether we know it or not.
And in it, a code we live by that determines our limitations, how far
we allow ourselves to go in something...what our relationships are
like... how we feel... how big our life is... even how healthy we are.

These are the LIMITS we place on our life, and the "Gurus" know this.

How many times have you "TRIED" something?
How many times do you start a sentence with "I CAN'T..."
How many times have you said "Its NOT for me"
How many times have the words "Yes, BUT" come from your mouth?
These are the "LIES you tell yourself, the words you use to define
your world and your place in it.

The truth is YOU set the limits...
YOU are the one who is actually holding yourself back or preventing
yourself from having, doing and becoming what and who you truly
want to be.

I too used to live by those rules and for many years those lies were
my lies. I never had enough money, never had enough time, I was
to busy, had too many bills and every day the stress just built up
more and more and I believed my story. Nobody could tell me different.
You see they just didn't "UNDERSTAND" my situation.

But the "GURUs" did.... They TOLD me I was a "failure" and they could help.
They ASSURED me that I could "not" do it with out them and they would be
at my side the whole way if I bought their package. They PROMISED that
all would be "mine" just by sitting back on the couch and waiting for it to
happen. WHY? Because "THEY" had the secret.

They did have the secret. They knew I lied to myself. Now YOU know it too.

Udo Hoffmann

Udo Hoffmann brings almost 40 years of sales and marketing experience into his writings. At present he is the resident article writer for "The 24 Karat Marketer Ezine"

The Network Marketing Secret... What Is It?

Part One

In its simplest form its not a secret at all. You have
simply been told its a secret in order to part you from
some of your hard earned money. Let me show you
what I mean.

Your shopping for some shrubs for your garden at a new
place in town, may as well get the new rake here too,
as well as your lawn weed control supplies. The staff
is friendly and helpful and Jake the assistant is helping

As he is assisting you he mentions that in order to get
the word out to the community the store is offering a
preferred customer card and you could get yourself one
at the checkout on your way out. This would have an ID
number on it and if you told your friends about the place
and they mentioned your number they would receive a
discount and you would receive a rebate every month for
any purchases they made.

Basically the store is rewarding you for telling your friends.
This is also known as "Word of Mouth Advertising". The most
powerful form of advertising there is! Companies spend
hundreds of billions of dollars annually in coupons, discounts
(to be given away) and referral commissions just to use
the word of mouth format of advertising.

So go tell some one and get paid for it.
Because the secret is out. 🙂

Udo Hoffmann

Udo Hoffmann brings almost 40 years of sales and marketing experience into his writings. At present he is the resident article writer for "The 24 Karat Marketer Ezine" as well as freelancing on a regular basis

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