The very first steps you take with your blog can have a large impact on its long term success, so you should give plenty of thought to how you want to begin. Here are a few easy to apply tips that you can use right away to get your new blog going.

To start, you should do some search engine optimization, check backlinks, and rinse and repeat for all the keywords you are attempting to rank for in the search engines. Then try the following.

Use Social Networks to Your Advantage: Compared to a decade ago, when social networking was a novel idea, the internet today is barely recognizable. Rather than fight this trend, bloggers can actually make good use of it by using social networking to promote their blogs. If you haven't started utilizing social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, then it's about time. Aside from focusing on the content on your blog, it also helps to have a mechanism in place for people to share your content for you. As you get comfortable using social networking, you'll find that it can be an efficient way to enlist others to get your content circulated all over the web.

Visit Other Blogs: When you launch your blog, it's easy to get lost into it and forget the outside world. The fact is, though, that bloggers have a lot to gain by searching other blogs in their niche, especially popular ones. Networking is an important part of blogging, and you can't really ignore it and be successful. Visiting other blogs and commenting on their posts will get you in touch with bloggers within your niche. You'll be able to meet other bloggers this way, and also drive traffic your way as people read your posts. Not only can the blog owner then return the favor and comment on your blog, but his or her readers may also want to see your blog. Another good reason to visit other blogs is so that you can keep your ear to the ground and find out what people in your niche are currently interested in and talking about. You shouldn't be a blogger that's dormant, but one that is active on all levels.

Watch the Comments: The comments people leave on your blog can be very valuable so you need to watch them closely. Through the comments you will be able to gain a good understanding of how your readers think and exactly what they want so you can offer them excellent value. Some people will also leave irrelevant comments that will have to be removed. Your blog will end up with a bad name if you let too many of these comments through without deleting them. To ensure the best possible experience for your readers and to maintain the good reputation of your blog, make sure you remove these comments as soon as possible.

Now you're ready to start blogging! You need a certain amount of perseverance to really succeed with blogging, as creating quality content and promoting your blog must be done constantly.

If you're trying to get more retweets when you post on Twitter, this can be accomplished if you use the right approach. If you want to get more retweets, keep the following tactics in mind when you post your tweets.

You can create a positive impression with your followers by sending out a short but polite message to thank them for following you. If possible, and it should be, then make it a little more personal rather than like an email signature that is automatically added. You really should check out the profiles of those who follow you, and then say something about what you read at their profile. You don't have to be too elaborate on this; just say something that would make you look nice and genuine. For example, you could message them saying, "Hey, just wanted to drop in a note to say thanks for following me! By the way, I think your background rocks." This is a simple way to get them interested in you, which will automatically lead to a more personal relationship. There is a give and take in a situation like this, and you can be the first to retweet their content. Another good idea is just put your link in your message without mentioning anything about it. This doesn't look intrusive and your receiver won't mind, since you're not doing any direction promotion here. The URL is your call, but do not expect to get much traffic early on right after the follow event.

You should not expect to be retweeted when you post content especially if you are new to the place. Chances are very good that much of it is simply being unaware that you posted it. This is easier to happen than you think simply because there can be so much going on, and then your content slipped by and got buried. Take the initiative to tweet your message until you think that any more will become terribly annoying. This ensures that all your followers get to see your tweet and it is not missed.

Just don't go ahead and overdo this; you can post the tweet in the morning and then post it again in the night.

Twitter is all about sharing information that is worth sharing, which is why the majority of tweets on Twitter contain a link that leads to quality information. Sometimes people can seem funny because they can ignore what you think is important and then take off with something you think is not so important. You need to be willing to step outside your comfort zone, maybe, but it can be worth doing. Learn more about human nature because the raw laws of same are in full effect at Twitter. The above points just go on to show that getting your tweet to go viral on Twitter isn't rocket science; in fact it's really easy if you take calculated steps towards sending out the right content to your followers.

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