Let’s imagine you have an offline business instead of an
internet based business.

You offer a unique service that adds value and provides
benefits to the lives of your customers.

With this product you happen to be blessed with an
abundance of highly targeted niche (traffic) that makes
recurring purchases.


You and your family are financially comfortable and secure.
Life’s good.

But how did you accomplish this great feat? What makes your
business different from your competition? Well for one, you
know who your target audience is and your product solves a
problem for them; and for another you have a highly valued
niche product that can’t be found anyplace else. Now, you
just have to let the rest of the world in on your little

The internet can be intimidating because you don’t know
once that sales letter is emailed whether the receiver is
going to even open it. It’s a risk, a gamble we take each
day, our businesses rely on them opening and acting on that

Spend an extra hour a day networking. Not selling, but
providing free information in a forum to a newbie
webmaster. Or exchange links with a high page ranking

You would be surprised how this seemingly minor task will
increase the amount of targeted hits you will get to your
internet website.

The least expensive and most effective way to drive that
much sought after niche traffic to your website is by
writing articles and reports.

Let me prove to you the power of these short 300 to 500
word reports.

Suppose your website provides gardening tips. You would
want to acquire articles or reports relating to this
subject. You can either set up a blog or a forum and
provide these reports free of charge to your members as a
means of getting them distributed.

Include Full Master Resale Rights with the reports, telling
your members they can freely distribute your report without
changing the author resource box.

The author resource box is where the about you information
is found.

This is viral marketing at its best. Others are
distributing your product for you. And your backlinks
(links back to your website) is creating another level of
traffic for you!

Its like throwing a boomerang out, it always returns.

To find out more about Master Resale Rights, email LaTease
at Subject Line Master Resale

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