For some time now, I have been getting quite concerned about the number of questions that I am receiving when it comes to backlink indexing. Many peope are building up mass backlinks, but not getting the desired results from them. Uncharacteristic as this may sound, it is a common occurence. I even had huge difficulties with this myself, but I managed to find out for myself that the issue is related to the indexing of backlinks.

Here's how it works. It doesn't matter how much link building you do, there are only ever going to be a small number of the links that you have built that are actually found by Google, and considered when it comes to how your website ranks. What this means for you is that a large portion of the work that you actually do building links to your websites will in effect be worthless, as the return on the time spent will be nil.

To be able to solve this issue, you will need to understand a very interesting little function within the WordPress platform called "Pingbacks". What this function does is quite simple. It listens to the web for any other websites that are linking to yours, and notifies you of these links as they appear. This occurs even before a page has been indexed in Google, which as you could understand, works very well in your favor.

So, by now, you would understand that if you create a link, and the page that the link appears on is not indexed in Google, then it will carry no weight. Sad but true. Now, we are going to look into how we can solve this problem.

By using simple Ping services such as Pingler, you can send a ping to these pages that will notify Google and other services that they exist. This is one method, however it can have a fairly low success rate, as you are not actually building links to these pages.

The other more powerful method that I use is a bit more complex, but quite powerful. By being a little creative, you can create a custom RSS feed of your pingbacks using RSS mash technology (as it is referred to), and submit these feeds to some popular RSS directories. The benefit of this method is that you will, in effect, be building links to the pages that are linking to you, which works in two ways. It builds the importance of these pages, plus it also indexes them so that the search engines can be made aware of the links that are pointing to your site.

The method that I personally use is a bit easier than the last. I use custom plugins and scripts to mash these RSS feeds together, and submit them to directories in the background, saving me the time of either doing this myself, or outsourcing it. Some of these scripts will even social bookmark these pages, which is also extremely handy.

Lets not forget that you can also manually build links to these pages, however this is labor intensive and only ever recommended if you are taking your SEO campaign to the next level. This process is frequently referred to as "promoting the promoters" and can deliver some extremely good results. However, at the end of the day, if you want your backlinks to carry some kind of weight in the search engines, be sure to get them indexed using one of the methods outlined here. Without this, you are going to suffer the results of at least 30 - 40% of your work going down the drain, and a very low backlink indexing rate.

The choice of a SEO link building service could raise difficulties for the average web marketer. The thing is that the collaboration with web marketing experts sometimes comes with serious question marks: the prices are high, the service could be unreliable, there may appear communication difficulties and so on. Nothing is therefore simple to link building, even if you try to make things easier by hiring a pro. Keep in mind the following aspects when shopping for a link building package.

You should know your short and long-term objectives really well before getting quotes on link building package options. Never go for too general solutions; every business is unique in its way and therefore requires customized effective link building strategies.

Find out what you get for your money, but only after comparing several offers to see what you can choose from. Do not take up the first link building package that is offered to you. Make a selection, run some comparisons and only then narrow down the search. Go on with package discussions and direct negotiations only when you've made up your mind. You need to find out exactly what you get for your money.

Here is what a regular link building package should cover:

-social bookmark links,
-directory submissions,
-posts on forums with incorporated links,
-one-way links on relevant pages;
-backlinks and several others.

Every package should normally include submission reports for every piece of work so that the web developer can follow the implementation of the link building package in progress.

Mention must be made that it is more advantageous to work with companies that run most of the tasks manually. Don't collaborate with agencies that rely on automatic software extensively.

Make sure to check the 'time to complete' or the 'time frame' of the package. Sometimes it can take up to six months to achieve all the objectives set with for the contract. Based on what you negotiate with the service provider, you will be able to optimize descriptions, keywords and titles so that you maximize traffic from search engines and directories.

If you hire professionals, you'll enjoy a service tailored to your business needs. You should also be aware of the limitations of a link building package. You will not always get links on pages with the exact same topic or genre as your own. If this is not possible, the one way links you get should be high quality!

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