Let's create some positivity over the next few weeks leading up to the holidays ... Anyone interested in a holiday wine bottle exchange?

It doesn't matter where you live (thanks to Amazon wine!) you are welcome to join. I need a minimum of 6 (or preferably up to 36) wine lovers to participate in a secret wine bottle exchange.

You only have to buy ONE bottle of wine valued at $15 or more and send it to ONE secret wine lover. Afterwards, you will receive from 6 to 36 wine bottles in return!! It all depends how many wine drinkers join.

Let me know if you are interested and I will send you the information! Please don't ask to participate if you're not going to follow through with sending one wine bottle.



First... 'friend' me on Facebook... you will get tons of inspirational, funny and interesting posts from me!  I love making people smile (and I like the odd debate, as well. LOL)

Once you've friended me, then you can PM me with your email address saying that you're in & I'll send you the details - if they are confusing at all, please let me know!!

This is real! Many participated last year and received so many amazing wines from around the world.


By Maulik D Shah

Ideally, to aim more "Facebook Page Likes" will not be sufficient, what matters is "Reaching Out Audiences"! Whilst likes can surely be one of the imperative factors to run a page successfully; "Reach" has become the next prime factor to measure the "prominence" of your page. As you boost reach, you can turn them into authenticity that is - acquisition campaign. However, to start off with perfect measures can really make your business page work to your business benefits.

- Get Closer To The Dark Posts: This means, Facebook comprises of dark posts that are the number of a tool, you will be having at your disposal. Facebook allows you to post to your business page and to target new communities/audiences who haven't even liked your page. Just getting on Facebook and playing around won't help; you will have to use dark posts, check them out and keep an eye on them.

- Use Maximum Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads can enrich your company page and make it worth! So, don't miss out on this. Facebook Ads are enormously utilized to target specific audiences across the globe. The easiest way to generate better results is to use Facebook Ads as much as you can!

- Post Behind-the-scenes Stories: Imagine you are looking to hire a business consultant! You had clicked on the Ads and landed on the website! Its appearance is good and maintained, but what about the "About Us" or "Company" page? Shouldn't it be intriguing with loads of snaps/videos and stories? Trust me, those behind-the-scene stories can bring you to your business goals!

- Explore The Insights Of The Audiences: Certainly, audience insights must be looked at with great research! You will find them at the top in your "Dashboard" area. Reaching out to your customers can be guided and then you can measure if the content appeals your people or not.

- Post Videos Over Links: It is wise to post videos natively! Because, for audiences, favoring videos can be more practical than linking out! It will be easier to reach audiences rapidly and they will have fun sharing your native videos. Seriously, it works. To make the most out of it, you can post a link to YouTube and then have better results.

- Reassess Those Organic Posts: Here comes the important part; don't get disheartened if those organic posts are not much helpful to your business. Refurbish the content and repost them organically! For instance, one content piece gets you 7 views, but 3 clients that will pay you 11k each and you spent 6k on that piece of content, then 7 views are not bad at all! Right? So, practically nothing is dead and nothing will be!

- Share Exclusive Offers: Sharing is caring! To reinforce this statement, it becomes vital to give people a reason to visit your Business Facebook page again and again. Introduce special discounts, offers and giveaways that expire within a few hours of posting! You can try out for sooner expiration time, so that audience engagement can be worth to boost your business. This can help increase page fans, likes and commentators.

- Celebrate Company's Milestones: Let your fans be a part of the celebration. If you do so, they will feel special. Post what types of milestones your company has achieved, update them often and keep a track record of the responses. Click/comment/like can result into a Big - Good Thing!

Closing Thoughts

To make the greatest impact and distinguish your company page from the vast sea of social media, add effective graphical elements with above guidelines. When creating a business page on Facebook, ensure to opt for the right ways!

Maulik Shah is the director of Biztech Consultancy which is prominently known as the multi-tier Design and Development Company in India. The company possesses huge clientele across the orb. Find innovative, adept and out-of-the-box IT solutions at Biztech.


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Maulik_D_Shah/1532722

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