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pinterestChildren, parents, religious people, celebrities, and even high-profile executives use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest, a virtual pin-board type of social network, is a relatively new site but is currently generating 100 million visits a month, beating out the established sites like LinkedIn and Google+.

Many business owners are already incorporating Facebook and Twitter into their marketing strategy. Do they really need another site like Pinterest too?

The answer is a surprising YES! It's all about the potential visitors coming in from one site, and with the rate of PInterest's 100 million visitors a month, who wouldn't want a piece of that cake?

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Let's create some positivity over the next few weeks leading up to the holidays ... Anyone interested in a holiday wine bottle exchange?

It doesn't matter where you live (thanks to Amazon wine!) you are welcome to join. I need a minimum of 6 (or preferably up to 36) wine lovers to participate in a secret wine bottle exchange.

You only have to buy ONE bottle of wine valued at $15 or more and send it to ONE secret wine lover. Afterwards, you will receive from 6 to 36 wine bottles in return!! It all depends how many wine drinkers join.

Let me know if you are interested and I will send you the information! Please don't ask to participate if you're not going to follow through with sending one wine bottle.



First... 'friend' me on Facebook... you will get tons of inspirational, funny and interesting posts from me!  I love making people smile (and I like the odd debate, as well. LOL)

Once you've friended me, then you can PM me with your email address saying that you're in & I'll send you the details - if they are confusing at all, please let me know!!

This is real! Many participated last year and received so many amazing wines from around the world.


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